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Most Frustrating Anime Of 2022 That Failed To Impress

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The year 2022 brought in a big anime lineup for fans. While most did an impressive job, some left fans disappointed. Some anime series’ showered fans with a whole new season along with new titles for them to explore as well. Not every title topped the charts and here are some of those anime that didn’t bode well among fans.

Futsal Boys!!!!! Suffers From Poor Animation & Dry Storyline

Although the series was hyped up about before the premiere, it surely didn’t live up to it. Centered on a sport that doesn’t get a lot of attention, fans were excited about this series premiere. However, as opposed to embracing its unique concept, it transitioned into a run-of-the-mill series. As per CBR.com, the storyline was just like any other sports-based anime with a super-dry storyline.

Futsal Boys!!!!! Anime YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Moreover, the animation in the series was average at best. Yes, there are some decently illustrated moments here and there but it does look cheap throughout.

Vampire In The Garden Brings Nothing New

Netflix’s Vampire In The Garden anime failed to create something unique from a vampire storyline. Although it promised a fresh take on the classic old vampire saga, it didn’t do so. But, what it did deliver were gorgeous visuals. Although the tale is well-written, it is just like any other vampire story you can find online.

Vampire In The Garden Anime YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Simply put, Vampire In The Garden anime doesn’t bring anything new and is loaded with clichés and tropes making it very empty and forgettable.

Bubble Is Just Visual With No Story

When Bubble’s trailer was released, fans were excited about its premiere given its beautiful visuals. With the highly acclaimed name Wit Studio associated with this anime, it was destined to rank among the top anime series. However, it was just some exquisite animation that worked well for the series but for the rest, it fell flat.

Bubble Anime YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Given its incohesive plot and unrelatable character, Bubble doesn’t give its viewers a lot to latch onto, leaving them mostly bored.

Requiem Of The Rose King Is A Disappointing Shojo Anime

After a long time, shojo anime fans got something new to watch after the Requiem Of The Rose King was announced. Even after the hype, the anime failed to make it big. Not just in the story part, but it was an overall disappointment.

Requiem Of The Rose King Anime YouTube

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The storyline was very rushed as compared to the manga. Plus, it skipped some of the most important scenes and details that devoid the anime of a gripping narrative. Moreover, its animation was a complete fail and seemed like the tale was being told through glitches in frames.

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Is A Bland RomCom Anime Series

This was one of the most anticipated anime series of the year 2022. Some even believed that it had the potential to become a major hit alongside My Dress-Up Darling. However, turned out that all it did was disappoint fans. Unlike other exceptional RomCom series, Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie is subpar in almost every department that makes an anime great.

Shikimori's Not Just Cute YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The plot is uneventful with very little drama or comedy. Moreover, the characters aren’t as relatable with Shikimori being an exception. However, the central character wasn’t enough to carry the entire series on her shoulders.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Turned Into A Total Disaster

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 disappointed fans with its mediocrity. Although Season 1 was a breath of fresh air given how bloated the Isekai genre is. The first season even stood as a big rival to popular titles like Sword Art Online & Re: Zero. However, Season 2 ended up just as bad.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

It took away everything that made the series interesting and turned it into a bland and boring isekai.

Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It Season 2 Failed With New Characters

The first time Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It premiered, it touched fans’ hearts with its cute yet weird premise. It combines romance, comedy, and education in a way fans never expected which helped it stand high on the anime ranking scale.

Science Fell In Love YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

However, Season 2 didn’t do justice to the bar set by the first season. The series started to take a serious turn deviating from its comedic promise with ruined it all. Moreover, the new side characters took a lot away from the romance.

Tomodachi Game Doesn’t Do Much To The Oversaturated Genre

Death game shows have always been popular among fans given their gory nature. It has also inspired several anime series. Despite being saturated, it does come up with good titles every now and then. Tomodachi Game was one among these promising titles. However, its premiere was met with nothing but disappointment.

Tomodachi Game YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Simply put, there was nothing unique about it. Poor writing, subpar visuals, & bland characters mixed together made it a failed attempt.

Lucifer And The Biscuit Hammer Failed At Manga Adaptation

For avid manga fans, it could be hard to see that its anime adaptation doesn’t do justice in terms of storyline. This is something that happened with Lucifer And The Biscuit Hammer. While fans couldn’t wait to see the manga turn into a successful anime, it wasn’t what it was hyped to be.

Lucifer And The Biscuit Hammer YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Given its low budget, the anime adaptation suffered a lot. From low-rank animation to bad writing, it was one of the biggest let-downs in 2022.

She Professed Herself Pupil Of The Wiseman Has Inferior CGI

Although She Professed Herself Pupil Of The Wiseman had an interesting premise, the animation and CGI weren’t something fans liked about it. The series simply turned out to be a VR isekai anime loaded with usual tropes that anime fans don’t like anymore.

She Professed Herself Pupil Of The Wiseman YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Moreover, the anime is disappointingly boring with awkwardly still frames and horrendous CGI inputs.

Have you watched any of these anime series? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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