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Mike Wolfe Renovates Home Despite ‘American Pickers’ Ratings Drop

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Mike Wolfe has continued on with American Pickers after allegedly getting his childhood friend Frank Fritz fired from the show. However, the fans are not onboard and the series continues to drop in the ratings. Despite this, Mike is still moving forward and is working hard on a major home renovation.

Here is a look at what Mike Wolfe has done recently in this Tennessee home.

Mike Wolfe renovating a home

Mike Wolfe owns an 1873 Italianate-style home in Columbia, Tennessee, and he has been working on major updates to his house.  He has been keeping his fans updated on the renovation on Instagram. Mike first started talking about this restoration in July. In that post, he offered up a pic of one room in the house, with the comment, “@visitcolumbia TN The dimple of the universe.”

Mike Wolfe IG

After this, Mike began showing people how he wanted to renovate this house. He shared another photo on Instagram and wrote that he could not save the beautiful gold flocked wallpaper because there was major plaster damage behind the backdrop that needed to be fixed. He mentioned the house has “great bones” and he wanted to show his American Pickers fans what he can do with the house. That was on August 16, and there had been no updates until now.

Mike Wolfe IG 2

Mike updates fans on house renovation

The latest updates were in a video on Instagram. Mike Wolfe showed off a pair of beautiful bay windows. He then took fans through a room with a marble fireplace, some “incredible” paintings, and dentil moulding. He also showed his fans the family room. In here, there were 1960 shiplap walls with 15-foot ceilings, a fireplace, and 13-foot windows. Next up was the foyer, with black-and-white marble floors and more gold-flocked wallpaper.

Despite his struggles on American Pickers, Mike Wolfe owns around $3.4 million in real estate. He owns four mansions and 11 commercial properties.

Mike Wolfe IG

American Pickers struggling in ratings

Ever since Mike Wolfe had his friend Frank Fritz fired from American Pickers, the show has suffered in the ratings. Season 23 of the show premiered in January with 1.05 million viewers. It followed up with 1.011 million viewers. However, things have dropped a lot since it returned in July. The premiere on July 9 saw only 833,000 viewers, a drop of almost 200,000 from the Season 23 premiere. The most viewers since then were 901,000 on July 23, but the show has averaged less than 868,000 outside of that episode.

The biggest problem might be the absence of Frank Fritz. Many fans have demanded a boycott since Frank suffered a stroke and ended up in the hospital. Before that, fans wanted Frank back, but there seemed to be little chance Mike was giving in, and the ratings have fallen.

What do you think of Mike Wolfe’s home renovations? Are you watching American Pickers this season, or have you checked out since Frank left the show? Let us know in the comments.

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