Meri Brown Snubbed In ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 Premiere

Meri Brown - Sister Wives - Youtube

The Sister Wives Season 17 Premiere is available early via Discovery+ for those who want to tune in and fans were pretty quick to notice Meri Brown was snubbed completely. How was she snubbed exactly? Keep reading for spoilers.

Warning: Spoilers from the Season 17 Premiere of Sister Wives ahead. 

Sister Wives Season 17 Premiere Snubs Meri Brown Completely

While the Sister Wives Season 17 Premiere doesn’t air until tonight on TLC, viewers with Discovery+ have already tuned in. And, those viewers noticed one of Kody’s wives was absent from the Premiere. Outside of the intro and being mentioned by Kody and Janelle a few times, Meri Brown was missing completely from the Premiere. The chatter in spoiler groups and on Reddit was quick to point out how his first wife was snubbed completely. Other fans thought Meri’s not being in the Premiere just highlighted what little value she holds to the family right now.

Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Sister Wives - Youtube
Kody Brown – Christine Brown – Robyn Brown – Sister Wives – Youtube

Meri was mentioned briefly by Kody and Christine. Kody Brown was pretty quick to call attention to his marriage with Meri in defense of how things could work with Christine. As fans know, Meri and Kody have no intimacy. In fact, fans don’t even think they like each other. For some reason, however, they are still together.

Meri and Kody Brown from TLC



Christine Brown was quick to put her foot down noting that she did NOT want the kind of marriage Meri has. Likewise, Christine added that she didn’t even really want Meri to have the type of marriage Meri had because she thought it was just sad.

Quickly shifting gears, Christine admitted she’d much rather compare her marriage with Kody to Robyn as that was the kind of relationship she wanted with him. Something with love and romance. Something that functioned.

Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Christine Brown – Youtube

Fans Are Over It

For the most part, Sister Wives fans are over Meri Brown. Fans agree with Christine. They think it is pathetic that Meri clings to the loveless marriage she has with Kody. Fans wish Meri would move on as Christine has. Some fans actually think Meri might be jealous of the fact that Christine found the strength to leave as it was something she was never able to do.

Have you watched the Sister Wives Season 17 Premiere yet? What do you think about Meri Brown being snubbed completely? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news and spoilers.

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    1. Please meri kody is using you,got you looking crazy,He told you on national tv,you’re gross Janelle you’re next !!! he only wants Robin…. I was jumping up and down when Christine left I have mad respect for you,you are too pretty smart there is someone out there…I see you happy with someone that treats you like a queen……..

  1. kody is about kody. knows nothing about being a husband. so what you’re feelings are hurt what about your wives. they were good enough for sex when you wanted kids. but now there not acting like you want. meri was gracious to give you a divorce for Robyn so you can adopt them and now you snub her. what a load of crap.

      1. What did Maey, Christine and Janelle do with the money they earned? Did they have to give it to Cody? Lord knows how much he worked.

      1. Sorry, for court purposes, he had to be legally married to the mother of the adoptees. That’s the way they explained it. That’s why Meri agreed.

  2. Meri, how sad. No self esteem. Christine, why is she asking Kody if he’s OK with her moving to Utah. Let’s all not forget they’re getting paid, ALOT, to keep the ratings up.🤔
    Janelle, now she’s got it all together, smooth. Robyn, wolf in sheep’s clothing, watch!

  3. Kody is a narcissist. All about himself. Control freak. Robin’s a whip and puts up with it all. Meri needs to move on, like Christine. Janelle should also move on!!

  4. kody is and always will be mean and abusive to Mary then Christine and Janell. I am proud and give lots of respect to Christian. she knows her worth and wants to be loved and happy when Kody didn’t go to his own daughter’s surgery that was so wrong chose to stay with Robin that said it all. meri I have given up on she has a chance to be happy but choose not to and christine is right who would want that for themselves. I say all 3 of them should leave and Robin and Kody can make it on their own.

  5. Kody is all about Kody. I hope Janelle wakes up and realizes he only wants robin. He just keeps her around because she is a source of income fir him. He’s hurt their own children and they have seen his favoritism towards Robin’s children. Robin is so fake with her false crying and ‘I don’t know what is happening to my family ” bulls..t. She and Kody are getting what they want. They just want the money from the show and Janelle and Meris as well.

  6. He doesn’t care about Meri never seem to always ugly. He ain’t worth beening with. Meri go enjoy your life you will find someone who truly loves you for you. You deserve better then that jurk!!!!

  7. Cody is self centered and arrogant. I can’t understand when there’s so many men in the world these women want to share one. He’s not even good looking. Forget him and find you a real man. .

  8. Meri is not the problem! Kody is a despicable man! Always the center of attention or trying to be! Think back on Meri’s sacrifices for that family. She agreed to be legally divorced so Robin’s kids could be adopted. That was the beginning of the end. She was blamed and discarded after the catfishing incident that wasn’t her fault. Was she open to attention from someone? Yes, who wouldn’t be? Kody is the one that needs to leave. Meri, Janelle and Robin might be happy in Flagstaff and maybe find some men that think of others, instead of themselves. Stick Kody for child support! Keep your chin up Meri!

  9. One of the key differences between Meri and Christine is that Christine has six children and Meri only has one. As she can’t always be with her one child, Meri relies on the extended family unit – – particularly Robin’s kids. As lonely as she is in the family, she may be even lonelier outside of it. The other thing to consider is that Christine has walked away from her fundamentalist Mormon faith and I don’t believe Meri has. Meri likely feels a sense of obligation/conviction that Christine no longer felt. While it is so painful to watch Meri be so mistreated by Cody, it’s ultimately her decision to stay or go and I don’t believe it’s a lack of self-esteem that is guiding her decision.

  10. I understand that Meri stays around bc because she wants to be an active participant in the family. She seems to really love Robins kids and they love her. Thats no small thing. I do think she could still have that separate from Cody and with someone who loves and values her. Im not sure though that Meri knows that.

  11. I mean why why why do these women care and continue to ask for more in their marriage. These ladies are too good for Cody. Cody is a self absorbed, immature so called man. Not to mention a horrible father! Ladies move on! You deserve so much more. Cody will never take accountability!

  12. So sick of Kody! He thinks his women need to live a second class life! He is a sad father and an even worse husband! Even his hair is sad! Wake up Janelle and Meri, just kick him to the curb. Make him sell the land, give you your cut and move on to better more Christian men. He sets a really low standard for his children! KUDOS to Christine for holding her head high and not stand for his crap!

  13. Driving around in a convertible acting like a an overgrown teenager janelle is the adult with Christine finally learning

  14. I used to think think they were an awesome family, I thought Kody was a great father and husband that was BC Robin. Then everything changed the whole family went down hill, Kody lost interest in his wives and children Robin her children and their children became the center of his attention.The other three did not and do not stand a chance of having a loving meaningful
    marriage, they need to face the fact like Kristine did ans leave his behind. PLAIN AND SIMPLE

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