Mama June Buys New Hubby Justin Stroud ‘Big Boy’ Gift

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Mama June Shannon has been known to spoil the men that she is with. It has actually caused problems between her and her daughters. Why can she spend her money frivolously on random men but ignore them? In any case, June has settled down with Justin Stroud and has no problem indulging him. Recently, he posted the ‘big boy’ gift she got her husband of around six months and it is pretty fancy. So, what was it? Read on to find out more.

Mama June Indulges Justin With ‘Big Boy’ Gift

It is clear that June’s love language is material things. When she could not make it to her daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson’s seventeenth birthday, she did send along an apology text. However, the apology was not the only thing that was leaked. It seemed that Alana had asked for a pair of $400 Nikes, as well. So, June sent those to her youngest child in an effort to really show how sorry she was. Now, she is doing the same with Justin.

First, she bought him teeth when they were early in their relationship. He had apparently struggled with dental health all throughout his life. When they offered to pull his teeth in prison, he was more than willing. Finally, he and June headed to California where he saw a top dentist for a full set of new teeth, seemingly on June’s dime. Now, he took to his Instagram to showcase his latest gift from his bride.

Mama June/Instagram
Mama June and Justin at the jewelers

Apparently, she took him to a jeweler for his birthday and he “got a big boy chain yesterday.” His mother was also in attendance. He stood next to the jeweler and his wife, with a backpack on and a case for his new gems. Fans who love Mama June were extremely supportive of this gifting. However, there has been scrutiny when it comes to June and her treatment of her children.

Men Over Children

In the last season of Road to Redemption, Mama June was seen finally leaving Geno Doak after the relationship became too toxic. She then proceeded to move in with her daughter, Pumpkin, and make a lot of promises. Unfortunately, she never kept them as she left Georgia for Alabama to “help” a young man she had met. While there, she dropped 50K on cars and a place for him to live. Then, he got engaged to someone else and June ended up falling for Justin. They wed in March.

Mama June/YouTube

Since he has a past, the two of them were stuck in Alabama after Pumpkin’s twins were born in May. Now it appears they are back in Georgia since the jeweler they were at is actually located there. June did say she was remorseful for all of the things she had done wrong in the past in her apology text to Honey Boo Boo. Is she trying to make it right? Or are they back to filming another season? Either way, she is clearly not hurting for cash as she is blinging out her hubby.

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