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Christine Brown Recalls Kody Neglecting Aspyn When She Was 10

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During the Sister Wives Season 17 Premiere, Christine Brown clues fans in on the moment when her relationship with Kody took a turn for the worse. Being the great mother she is, Christine admits her issues with Kody always originated with their children.

Christine says she can recall things falling apart when she was pregnant with Truely. Moreover, Christine indirectly accuses Kody of neglecting Aspyn when she was just 1o years old (along with all their other children at the time). What did Kody Brown do (or not do) that Christine found to be neglectful? Keep reading for the details.

Warning: Spoilers from Sister Wives Season 17 ahead. 

Christine Brown Sister Wives - Youtube
Christine Brown Sister Wives – Youtube


Christine Brown pinpoints when things went south for her

While the Season 17 Premiere showed flashbacks, Christine Brown explained that her pregnancy with Truely was when her relationship with Kody took a turn for the worse. According to Christine, she had to maintain a source of income while being pregnant. She found working at night to be the solution to her problem. This solution, however, did come with a problem. She wasn’t at the house to put her children to bed and tuck them in at night.

Christine Brown explained that she leaned on Kody and asked him for help. Could he tuck their children in and stay with them until they go to sleep? They all lived in one house at the time, so she assumed it would be a nonissue. Kody, however, told her no. He claimed he was too busy with other things and couldn’t help her with this problem.

Sister Wives Aspyn Brown
Sister Wives Aspyn Brown

Christine Brown tells the cameras that their daughter Aspyn, who was just ten at the time, was forced to tuck her siblings in and be the sister mom of the household so Christine could maintain a job while being pregnant with Truely. For Christine, this was the moment her relationship with Kody shattered, This was the moment she was alone despite being married.

Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube

Kody Brown denies everything

Now, Kody Brown did make an effort to argue with Christine. He insisted that wasn’t the way things happened and she was making it up. According to Kody, he recalled things happening differently. He, however, did acknowledge at the end of the conversation they were never going to agree on what happened or didn’t happen in the past.

Do you agree with Christine Brown’s thoughts on when the relationship really started to go downhill? Did Kody Brown neglect his duties as a father when Aspyn was younger? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.


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