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Wendy Williams’ Alcoholism Contributing To Health Issues?

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Wendy Williams reportedly still battles with alcohol addiction despite her health struggles. This comes after the former talk show host purchased a large bottle of vodka and cigarettes at the liquor store. Friends close to her are concerned about her. The drinking is hurting more than helping.

It could be the reason behind her behavioral problems. Wendy often appears confused and disoriented when she’s seen in public. It’s a departure from over a year ago when she took a step back from her talk show. While she was cognizant, she was only dealing with health problems.

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Her health is on a downward spiral

Wendy Williams’ friends are coming forward and sharing their concerns about her health and well-being. On Friday, September 9, one source told The Sun that she “can’t stop drinking and won’t stop drinking.” She “lives like she’s a baddy, she’s always felt that way but her body isn’t saying that nowadays.” A second insider shared that her “health is failing.”

It’s a combination of her ongoing health issues and her struggles with alcoholism. In 2019, Wendy shared with fans that she was living at a sober living facility. Her struggles came around the time she ended her marriage to Kevin Hunter. Wendy has dealt with alcohol and substance abuse problems for many years.

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These days, Wendy refuses to drink. She wants to live it up and party with her friends in New York City. In recent months, she’s been spotted at a nightclub and in bizarre places with a drink by her side. Wendy drinks so much that she will pass out in public spaces.

Last month, the former radio personality passed out at a New York City store. She had a glass of champagne filled-to-the-brim next to her. In another sighting, Wendy went to the liquor store all by herself around 8:00 at night. She purchased a large bottle of Ketel One vodka.

Wendy Williams struggles with her health

There have been questions about Wendy Williams and what has happened to her over the past year. She was absent for most of the final season of The Wendy Williams Show as she struggled with health issues behind the scenes. The Debar-Mercury produced show ended in June.

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This month, Wendy Williams’ time slot will go to former guest host, Sherri Shepherd. Wendy announced that she’s launching a podcast. She shared the news on the Instagram page of The Wendy Experience. However, there haven’t been any updates about her new venture. In the meantime, the 58-year-old still has no control over her frozen Wells Fargo bank accounts.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams? Do you think her alcoholism is contributing to her health issues? Or, do you think it’s something else? Sound off below in the comment section.

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