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‘600-Lb. Life’: Dolly Martinez Enters Polyamorous Relationship?

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My 600-Lb. Life Season 10 guest Dolly Martinez didn’t make much progress while on the show. At the time of filming, Dolly was 25 years old and nearly 600 lbs. Like many other patients on the show before her, she turned to food to cope with her childhood trauma. As a little girl, Dolly watched her father struggle with drugs, which he ultimately chose over his children.

Dolly felt comforted by food in the midst of her father’s absence and she reached 300 lbs by the time she was a teenager. She went on to have a daughter of her own, but she struggled to hold down a job and care for the little girl due to her health conditions. That’s when she knew she needed to turn to Dr. Now for help.

As fans saw on the show, Dolly Martinez wasn’t able to make much progress while on the program. And according to her social media channels, her living situation is less than ideal. Now, some fans think she might also be living a polyamorous lifestyle. Keep reading to see what online fans uncovered.

Dolly Martinez struggled with her romantic life while on the show

On My 600-Lb. Life, relationships didn’t always come easily to Dolly. She was severely traumatized by her relationship with her parents, which made romantic relationships difficult too.

Dolly Martinez from Instagram, My 600-Lb. life
Dolly Martinez/Instagram

“Dolly now in a polyamorous relationship?” the original Redditor asked online in a recent forum. “Does anyone follow Dolly on Instagram? She & Phillip post live videos all the time. Her bff Cheyanne was in the comments shocked to see Phillip because Dolly told her they had broken up, telling Phillip he better not block her. Then people in the comments were saying she’s dating a new guy now named Tyler and that the three of them are in a polyamorous relationship. I didn’t take any screenshots or anything because I was mostly listening to it while doing something else.”

Other Redditors didn’t really have any more information than what the OP already had. However, many wouldn’t put it past her. Polyamorous relationships are becoming more widely accepted. However, many Redditors weren’t sure that Dolly was stable enough to be in one.

Dolly Martinez from Instagram, My 600-Lb. life
Dolly Martinez/Instagram

According to Dolly’s Instagram page, she is now homeless. She hasn’t posted since July of this year and it doesn’t appear that she’s continued to pursue her weight loss goals.

My 600-Lb. Life viewers want more information on her whereabouts

At this point, it really seems like there are more questions than answers about Dolly Martinez’s romantic relationships at the moment. However, Redditors would also really love to see more of the My 600-Lb. Life guest. Many agree that she and Lacey Buckingham would be excellent candidates for new episodes of Where Are They Now.

“I get the sense that Dolly is so wrapped up in Dollyland, unless it impacts her directly and in the moment she has the ability to pay attention to it, it doesn’t register,” another user chimed in. “I don’t think she’s aware of how much impact she’s had on her daughter, being present or being absent.”

Stay tuned for more updates on former My 600-Lb. Life guests like Dolly Martinez. There will be hopefully more updates to share throughout the rest of the year.

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