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‘Life After Lockup’ Lindsey & Blaine Hook Up, Where’s Daonte?

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This season of Life After Lockup saw the return of Daonte Sierra. However, he was not appearing with Nicolle Bradley and her wife, Tia. This time around, he had found love with another series alum, Lindsey Downs. She had just been released from prison and was living in Mississippi. Daonte was ready and raring to head there and sweep her off of her feet. Little did he know that she was staying with Blaine Bailey, a man she used to run drugs with. They are really close friends so Daonte was reassured he had nothing to worry about. Looks like that was not completely true. Read on for more information.

Lindsey Is Comforted By Two Men In Her Life After Lockup

Blaine was right there when Lindsey was released. He gave her a place to stay, got her a job interview and even frenetically helped her try to bail out a friend who had been arrested. Yet, he also attempted to keep her grounded by telling her to focus on her daughter, sobriety, and staying out of trouble. When Daonte finally came to see Lindsey in person for the first time, he was stunned to see that she was living with a man. In his mind, at any time, the two of them could end up hooking up.

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Lindsey maintained that she would never date anyone that had worked for her, it was a cardinal rule. Blaine knew this and said he was not a homewrecker but he admitted to having a crush on his good friend. Now it seems like the two have finally left the friend zone. Photos of the two smiling and kissing have made their way around social media. No one seems all that surprised since fans wanted this all along.

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Lindsey and Blaine

“I really like Blaine for Lindsey,” one person tweeted. Another added: “Linsey definitely boutta leave Deonte for Blaine and I can’t wait to see it.” So, it looks like viewers of the series will be completely on board with this love connection. Yet, where is Daonte, and what is he up to? He has his own stuff to deal with.

Daonte Moves On In A Big Way

Life After Lockup fans watched as Daonte took his mother furniture shopping in the latest episode. He is determined to relocate to Mississippi and be with Lindsey. However, he cannot stop calling Lindsey which is a tad smothering for her as she is trying to reconnect with her daughter. Plus, Blaine connected her with a job so she is working now and trying to focus on herself. As it was revealed back in March, Lindsey and Daonte did part ways. She was seen kissing an ex on her Instagram story who can now be confirmed as Blaine.

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Yet, Daonte and Lindsey still promoted the show together as if they may have reconciled. So, what has Daonte been up to? According to Starcasm, he is about to be a father. Various sources have reported that he allegedly met a woman online from Miami. They referred to each other as “Bm” and “Bd” aka baby mama and daddy. Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz on YouTube delved deeper in a video and shared what she knew.

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It does make it seem like Daonte is going to be a father and that she is in her second trimester. As to what is going on with that situation, maybe it will play out as this season of LAL progresses. Are you surprised that Lindsey and Blaine finally got together or did you expect it all along? Let us know in the comments and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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