Kim Kardashian’s Son Saint Makes Candid Confession On Camera

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When has Kim Kardashian not been criticized for her parenting choices? Given how she juggles between her busy schedule and parenting, mistakes are bound to happen and fans are fast to point them out. From letting her eldest daughter North West put on makeup to driving with kids while posing for a TikTok video, she has been bashed for it all. So what is up now and is it good or bad? Read on.

Saint West Reveals He Once Got A 10-Minute Time Out

However, it seems like her third child, Saint West, is here to her rescue. The reality star recently shared a video clip and a picture of her son Saint alongside his best friend, Koey on Instagram Stories, where she sent birthday wishes. As per The Sun, the picture was captioned, “’ Happy Birthday Koey!!!’ Thank you for being Saint’s bestie for life. We love you so much.”

Psalm And Saint West YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In the video, young Saint, who is six years old, is seen playing with his best friend and several toys. This is when Saint revealed that “One time I had a ten-minute time out.”

This confirms that the SKNN owner does take charge of her parenting responsibilities and corrects any bad behavior instantly.

Kim Kardashian Schools Her Kids On The Tonight Show

Back in June, Kim was a guest on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon. Among the audience were her sons Saint and Psalm West.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As the interview got deep in conversation, the kids went in and interrupted the talk by making loud noises. However, Kim took charge of her parental duties and stopped them instantly. As she got into the classic ‘Mom-Mode’, she politely asked her children, “Guys. Guys. Can you stop?”

While the audience laughed at the situation, she continued, “This is like your first time at work with me. Can you please?”

The host knowing that it isn’t his place to say anything, pointed out with a smile, “Your kids are right there.”

Saint And Psalm West YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Talking about her kids, Kim said to the host, “My two boys are here and I hear them making so much noise.” As the kids giggled, Kim warned them, “Guys, this is your first time at work with me. Don’t mess this up. Come on.”

Kim Kardashian Ignores Saint’s Bad Behavior & Driving Rules

However, Kim isn’t always buckled up to correct her kids’ behavior. As she made her way to the studio for the interview with Jimmy, something that happened in the car irked the fans. Kim, while driving her car, turned on her Instagram Live and asked her sons to get in the frame. Even when the car was moving, Saint and Psalm both weren’t in a booster seat.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Moreover, Saint even shouted at the camera addressing the fans, “Hi weirdos! If you’re watching this, I hate you.”

While Kim immediately took charge and corrected her kids while in public, she did nothing when she was inside the car away from public eyes. Do you think Kim turns on ‘Parent Mode’ only when in public? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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