Kody Brown Says Not His Fault Christine Became Unattractive

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At the end of the day, there is a very long list of reasons why Christine Brown decided she no longer wished to be with Kody. One of the biggest reasons, however, was simply because Kody wasn’t interested in being intimate with her anymore.

According to Christine, Kody Brown bluntly told her on a few different occasions he no longer wished to have an intimate relationship with her. The TLC personality did clarify to his wife that plenty of relationships worked without intimacy. And, he didn’t see why their relationship couldn’t continue without bumping uglies in the bedroom.

In an explosive new trailer, Christine Brown doubles down on the fact that she refused to settle for a marriage without intimacy. She had too much respect for herself to do that. Christine argues that Kody is ok with being in a relationship without being intimate with her because he has other wives he can go be intimate with. She doesn’t have that luxury.

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Kody Brown refuses to be blamed for finding Christine unattractive

The TLC star tells Christine he REFUSES to take all of the blame for the situation they are in. He insists that it isn’t his fault he no longer finds Christine attractive and has lost the desire to be intimate with her. Kody Brown notes that Christine has to be willing to take most of the blame as it is largely her fault he no longer wants to roll around in the sheets with her.

According to Kody Brown, he’s been listening to people tell him for a long time that Christine wasn’t happy with him and no longer wanted to be with him. He explained in a different trailer that he had a hard time trusting Christine. And, he could not bring himself to be intimate with someone he didn’t trust. Kody Brown says that he shouldn’t be expected to be intimate with someone that was threatening to leave him.

Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube

In this explosive trailer, Kody Brown explains to Christine that it was her behavior and her attitude that made her unattractive to him. So, he refused to take the blame for not wanting to be intimate with her when it was clearly her fault.

Click here to check out this explosive Sister Wives trailer on Instagram. How do you feel about Kody Brown saying Christine is to blame for him not finding her attractive? Share your thoughts in the comments and come back for all your Sister Wives news and spoilers.

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  1. What a pig,Kody is like a 2yr.old, he’s hateful, keeps digging at wife’s..if he had been a husband to Meri, she wouldn’t have been catfished, same with Christine standing up an refuse to live in castle with other wife’s. This should have been discussed with family before blueprints were drawn up. He never accepts he is the real problem. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he turns spiteful, he forgets what Meri did so he could adopt Robyn’s kids. I hope all the wife’s move on.

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