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Great American Family’s ‘A Taste Of Tuscany’: All The Details

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Great American Family is headed to Tuscany, where food is delicious in the tasty romance, A Taste Of Tuscany.

A Taste of Tuscany stars Laura Mitchell (Harry & Meghan: Escaping The Palace, Meeting Mr. Christmas), Brad Johnson (Switched For Christmas, Jingle Belle), Scott Christopher (A Cozy Christmas Inn, Temptation Under The Sun), Ischa Bee (What I Should Have Said, Even In Dreams), Joel Bishop (My One True Love, Identical Love), Charla Bocchicchio (Bake Sale, The Chosen), Demetrius Daniels (The Dead Body, Amber Brown), Paul D. Hunt (My Broken Horse Christmas, Scarlett), Michael Ramsey (Mirror Portrait, Take The Lead), Danny Shepherd (Beauty And The Billionaire, My One True Love), Yolanda Stange (Love In The Limelight, Sister Swap: Christmas In The City), Danielle Donahue (Phobic), Kealii Johnson (Stalked In Paradise, Shattered Memories), Madison Savoie (Hot Chocolate Holiday, Love In Aruba), and Gary Sivertson (House Of Fears, Ruling Of The Heart)

Brittany Wiscombe (Love’s Portrait, Stalked In Paradise) wrote the script, with Brian Brough (A Crafty Christmas Romance, Romance In The Air) directing.

What Is Great American Family’s A Taste Of Tuscany About?

According to the Great American Family synopsis, April (Mitchell) is an up-and-coming health chef, and health guru. She is about to move up in that world, but her cooking and recipes are not hitting the mark.

April insists that these healthy recipes are tasty, but the taste testers do not agree. Moreover, the publisher of her cookbook, as well as her publicity team is all ready to drop her. April is desperate.

Therefore, she needs a pivot. April is going to reinvent herself. Mediterranean food is healthy so she decides to go to Italy. She could take the country’s notorious rich culture of food, and use them in her own healthy recipes.

When in Italy, April meets Chef Rob (Johnson). He is a brilliant chef who hopes to one day open his own restaurant.

April has not found a new zest for life and cooking. Is it Rob or Italian cuisine? This trip has allowed her to see all that she has been missing, including love.

Now, she vows to enjoy life and to enhance the flavors to make everything an absolute delight.

Great American Family-
Great American Family-

When Can You Watch A Taste Of Tuscany?

The Great American Family premiere of A Taste Of Tuscany is on Saturday, September 10, at 8 p.m., Eastern. More so, there are many encore shows so be sure to check the GAF schedule.

Great American Family Presents Great American Christmas

Great American Family will kick off their 2022 Great American Christmas on October 21. Moreover, they will premiere a new Christmas movie every Saturday, and Sunday night.

Candace Cameron Bure is now preparing to film her first holiday movie with the network called A Christmas Present. That will premiere in November, likely on Thanksgiving weekend.

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    1. Okay until I got to the “Italian” guy. I had to stop the movie. I was going to just turn off the sound and use closed captioning bc I couldn’t stand the extremely fake Italian accent. Hard to listen to.

      1. That’s because a few minutes later he admitted to being American and coming from New York. He wasn’t an “Italian” guy. It was suppose to be a take accent.

          1. This might have been one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. First of all not too sure it was even filmed in Tuscany. Where was it supposed to be set, on the coast in Livorno? Were there any Italians in the movie at all? Did they use an italian crew to film this movie? Did either one of these “chef’s” even know how to cook? They could’ve at least spliced in some hands and arms actually doing some prep.You never saw them actually preparing food. And they didn’t come close to exploring the Tuscan cuisine aside from briefly discussing Mozzarella and Pizza. It was embarrassing for a movie supposedly about two chefs exploring one of the worlds great cuisines.

  1. What a horrible movie! It’s called “A taste of Tuscany” and it’s filmed in Liguria! The accents are wrong, the location is wrong, the actors are terrible… in this day and age can you get paid to make such a horrible flick!

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