Angie J. from My 600-Lb. Life from TLC

‘My 600-Lb. Life’: What Is Angie J. Up To These Days?

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Angie J. is definitely one of the more memorable guests on My 600-Lb. Life. Although she was eager to get help and regain control of her weight, things didn’t quite work out for her. During her episode, she dealt with addiction and a breakup, which definitely didn’t make it any easier for her to complete the program.

Like many other patients in the program, Angie J. admitted to using marijuana. However, Dr. Now discovered narcotics in her system and wouldn’t allow her to proceed in the program until she went to rehab. Sadly, things just continued to go downhill from there. At different points, the My 600-Lb. Life star even ended up homeless and wandering the streets.

Angie J. from My 600-Lb. Life from TLC
Angie J./My 600-Lb. Life

But even through everything, Angie did eventually lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. Her journey was long and it took several years, but she made it happen.

Now, fans are curious — where is the TLC personality in 2022?

Angie J. maintains an active social media presence

The good news is that Angie J. is still alive and well in 2022. She’s pretty active on social media and uploads new photos now and then. Her most recent selfies are from Easter 2022 and fans can clearly see that she looks much healthier now. In the photos, she has a healthy glow and smile. And it appears that she did manage to keep the weight off after receiving bariatric surgery.

Angie J. from My 600-Lb. Life from Facebook
Angie J./Facebook

While My 600-Lb. Life viewers are happy to know that she’s apparently doing well, they’re not thrilled with her online activity. In recent months, Redditors found instances where Angie J. begged her online followers for money.

“Angie J. b*tching about her life, plus give me $$$ – but she got a JOB???” one Reddit user posted online. They added a screenshot of a message the TLC personality allegedly shared with followers.

Angie J./Reddit

Many fans think she’s in danger of going back to her old ways and combative nature. Where do you think Angie J. will go from here on out? Share your ideas in the comments.

Fans discuss the future of My 600-Lb. Life

Frequent TLC viewers might have noticed something interesting lately. The network has been playing quite a few reruns of My 600-Lb. Life. Does this mean an announcement about Season 11 is coming sometime soon?

Dr. Now has also been posting more frequently online lately, which leads fans to believe TLC might confirm the show’s renewal sometime soon. The show’s 10th season aired in late 2021, so it’s essentially the perfect time to start getting fans excited for new content. Hopefully sometime this month, TLC has more information to share with viewers.

Stay tuned for more information on the former My 600-Lb. Life guests and any updates on the show.

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