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‘Teen Mom’: What Is Tyler Baltierra’s Odd & Strange Habit?

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Teen Mom fans have grown close to Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra. They have followed their journey since 16 & Pregnant plus their struggles afterward. Now, the mother of four has accidentally revealed her husband’s interesting habit. Though somewhat strange and odd, is there a method to Tyler’s madness? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Star Divulges Husband’s Ick Habit

Catelynn and Tyler have never been shy with their ups and down. It has been a hard road for them but they are still together and pushing through. Now, Catelynn is exposing one of her husband’s interesting quirks which are leaving fans a tad grossed out and a bit perplexed. In a tweet, Catelynn revealed that Tyler tracks her menstrual cycles via an app. He uses his phone to do so which is pretty common for women but not necessarily for men. Yet, if a partner tracks, as well, it is usually not talked about. Catelynn broke down those walls and she clearly had no shame.

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Of course, Tyler acted embarrassed by this information getting out, according to The Sun. He tweeted back at his wife: “YO!! Omg you just done n told the whole world huh lmao!?” These trackers are downloaded from the app store and can predict fertile days, ovulation, when to expect a period and the length of time. It also can tell the optimal time to conceive though the couple is done having babies at this point. In fairness, it is great that he is on top of Catelynn’s schedule so he can be ready with treats and extra love monthly. Some fans did not appreciate it all that much.

Fans Find This ‘Invasive’

Tyler may have felt exposed by Catelynn sharing this information. However, the biggest backlash came from the fans and followers. They took to Reddit to share their thoughts on Tyler’s tracking habit:

  • “I’d be completely disturbed if my husband track my menstrual cycle….”
  • “I would s**t bricks if I found a period tracker on my husband’s phone. That’s invasive af.”
  • “This is so creepy considering it’s him. She’s a f**kin adult.”
Teen Mom/YouTube
Catelynn and Tyler

The truth is, the Teen Mom couple has been together since they were in high school. They then gave their first child, Carly up for adoption, something that they ultimately struggled with. Over the years, they ended up with three more beautiful girls despite facing miscarriages and personal struggles. Now, they have the complete family. Their journey will be featured on the new show Teen Mom: The Next Chapter which airs Tuesday on MTV.

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