‘The View’: Alyssa Farah Griffin’s Miniskirts Too Hot For TV?

The View fans think Alyssa Farah Griffin’s miniskirts are too hot for daytime television. Season 26 of the morning show premiered on Tuesday, September 6. Most of the hosts are back, including newbie Alyssa Farah Griffin, who previously worked as a White House correspondent for former President Donald Trump.

She tested out for the talk show over the summer. At the time, fans vowed to boycott the ABC series if they made her a permanent fixture. Despite the negative reaction, Alyssa was announced as one of the new co-hosts. Ana Navarro will also join the round table on a part-time basis.

Now, viewers are focusing on her attire rather than her conservative views. Find out why Alyssa Farah Griffin is getting slammed for showing too much leg on-air.

Alyssa Farah Griffin On GMA [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Alyssa Farah Griffin’s short skirts are too much for viewers

The View fans are divided over Alyssa Farah Griffin’s sexy dresses and minikirts. Some think they’re way too short for the daytime talk show. Fans took to Twitter to slam the “unprofessional” looks. Oftentimes, Alyssa will wear a colorful short dress or a short miniskirt with chunky heels or heeled sandals.

When she sits at the table, she shows off her tanned and toned legs. However, some viewers can’t handle it. They noticed that she shows more skin than her fellow co-hosts. This comes after Sara Haines admitted that she ripped her plaid miniskirt on live TV this week.

Alyssa Farah Griffin On The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Alyssa Farah Griffin was one who shocked fans with her outfits. They complained about her outfits for two days in a row. During the September 6th premiere, she wore a green and blue body-hugging dress that sit above her knee. On Wednesday’s broadcast, she opted for a purple and white herringbone blazer and matching miniskirt with nude chunky sandals.

Fans were divided over the outfits. They felt it wasn’t professional attire. Most of the attention was on Alyssa’s legs rather than her views. Some fans took to Twitter to complain.

  • “It was Alyssa Farah’s first official day on The View and it looks like Meghan McCain’s former hairstylist is now picking her outfits.”
  • “If you have to keep pulling at your dress when you sit down… it is too short.”
  • “This does not fit her well.”
  • “She was struggling to keep that skirt down to cover things.”
  • “It might be cute somewhere, but definitely not on here.”

Is The View co-host dressed for the club?

Some fans think her outfits are better suited for the nightclub. One fan trashed Alyssa Farah Griffin and claimed she was dressed like a “stripper” because of her 5-inch shoes.

“What the hell are with these stripper heels Alyssa has on? She always dresses like she’s headed to a club? Girl tone it down this is not a late night talk show,” the user tweeted.

Alyssa Farah Griffin On The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Meanwhile, other fans thought she looked great. They argued that she should show off her body. Others are already getting their style inspiration from the commentator. What are your thoughts on Alyssa Farah Griffin’s outfits so far? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


    1. She makes my day she is very attractive, and she doesn’t over-expose herself, she is a very intelligent and a classy lady.
      I like listening to her talk and again she isn’t a bit hard on the eyes !!

  1. I think Alyssa clothing is too short and not something a professional career woman should wear on a TV talk show that might be watched by young kids. Her skirts are something you would wear to a nightclub. If you have to keep pulling your skirt down so you don’t show your private parts, then the skirt is way too SHORT. If she wants to be treated like a career women, stop dressing like a streetwalker.

    1. Why would young kids be watching The View? They should be in school. You should only wish that you could dress like AFG.

    2. Please …she is an attractive 32 year young woman who has GREAT legs so why not be proud of them. Also let’s get real. Although I am 180 degrees from her politically, she is a smart; accomplished woman who presents the Republican point of view in a very objective manner (in a tough environment)…so let’s focus on the content and not on the physical.

  2. She’s the ONLY one that makes sense. The other people on the View are SOOO FILLED WITH HATE, it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to watch at times bc of it. Joy and Sunny particularly-it makes you think pus is going to start flowing from their mouths. Whoopi is getting senile. She didn’t even know the show was still going on yesterday. Yes, I watch sometimes so I can vent!!! Whoopi is having trouble remembering words. What does she know? Whoopi is NOT someone to idolize. Her past is very colorful to say the least. Sarah is a breath of fresh air. Always polite – can’t say that about the rest. Even though I don’t agree with Anna, she presents herself with grace, but firm statements. She’s not as concerned about her looks as Sunny. Sunny spews hate, hateful, hateful, hateful. Whoopi looks like she found her clothes in a dumpster dive. Talk about uniting America – they do everything they can to divide us further. That’s all folks!!

    1. Talk about ‘pus filled nasty hate’! Gloria your high and mighty attitude is exactly what has happened to your BELOVED party behind the rotten tRump leadership.
      Get a grip.
      Let’s not look Either Party or at the superficial, see what’s really happening with our country.

  3. I don’t see nothing wrong with the way she Dresses. She not in prison it Sean woman won’t have no right after while.

  4. I watch the show occasionally and respect all the ladies opinions including Alyssa’s conservative views. I see nothing wrong with the way she dresses but have noticed that ABC must have had an issue with it as she now wears more conservative attire…too bad.

    1. Please tell Alyssa Farrah Griffin that she is not working for Fox News! The women on Fox News wear extremely too much makeup and they always wear dresses that are too short. I believe Fox does this to appease the male viewers. I can’t take her seriously when her clothing screams ” Look at me…I’m sexy and I think I’m hot!”

  5. I like watching the View. When I see Alyssa on there showing her pantie line, I turn to another channel. I notice that she has been wearing more professional clothing. Today NO and I turned the channel!

  6. I also agree that AFG dresses are WAY too short for the seating at the table. Bring it down a notch and look more professional.

  7. I agree it doesn’t work
    I blame the Producer Brian Teta for letting this take away from her & the show
    I mean there is short & there is almost up her thigh
    On other shows wouldn’t bother me but This isn’t that show.
    She is a serious professional the leg thing is distracting
    I wonder how the audience sitting right close to her think about this?

  8. She is absolutely gorgeous, smart, sensible and a conservative who isn’t crazy like the party is now. I have no issue with her wardrobe whatever she chooses to wear.

  9. yes yes yes AFG is snoken hot,she is very smart,knowledgeable, sext and she makes the show.now whoops is disgusting, that hair,the way she dresses,yes dumpster diving,and a loud mouth !.on the other outlook,Joy f,she is a total big mouth tramp,get rid of those two,ur rates will climb !

  10. Who do any of you think you are judging a person on her clothes. The ladies are all different and all are intelligent. I like them because each of them say what’s on their minds, their own point of “View”. At any time you dislike what’s going on change the channel. Do not force your opinions on everyone else. I bet you could ask Whoopi just about anything and she would give an honest answer. If you disagree with her, she doesn’t care.

  11. Alyssa talks very seriously well, but I’m not concerned about her both skirts or dresses. The most important distraction about her is the way she wore teal trousers in The View airdates of both December 5, 2022 and March 27, 2023, TBH, IMO.

  12. And there is. The Green Eyed Monster rearing it’s ugly head. All I see is jealousy from ignorant small minded people. Sara and Sunny have both worn short dresses and shown leg. No complaints. Could it be it’s not as noticeable because of the seating arrangement. And both of those ladies wear what that person calls stripper heels. Hmm no complaints. And so called professional attire is a joke. Clothes do not make you smarter. I’d rather take financial advice from Warren Buffet who buys his clothes off the rack than from some huckster in a five thousand dollar suit. Get a grip people, because some great legs are not going to cause the end of the world.

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