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Janelle & Christine Brown Use Each Other To Tame Their Phobias

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During a recent Car Confessions on Instagram Stories, Janelle and Christine Brown admit they both have a bit of a phobia. Most Sister Wives fans agreed the phobias are a bit ironic considering how much traveling the duo does together. With Janelle Brown guest starring in Christine’s recent Car Confessions, these lovely ladies opened up about their phobias and how they’ve actually helped each other to tame them.

Janelle and Christine Brown from TLC

What are their phobias, anywhere?

Christine reveals that despite spending a lot of time traveling with her former sister wife, Janelle is actually terrified to be in the vehicle with her. Turns out, that Janelle isn’t a huge fan of the way Christine drives. Janelle admitted that she often buries herself in her phone when Christine is driving just to tune out how afraid she is. Janelle Brown added, however, that she feels as though she’s been able to tame the fear some over the years and isn’t nearly as bad as she used to be. Christine agreed with the statement.


Now, Christine Brown proceeded to shock fans as well revealing that she had a bit of a phobia of flying. Despite doing a lot of traveling, she wasn’t super comfortable on airplanes or flying.

Christine Brown/Instagram

Janelle and Christine Brown lean on each other

Christine Brown reveals that she actually uses Janelle to find strength when she’s terrified and needs to get on a plane. She admits that she knows Janelle is afraid to be in a car with her. Janelle, however, finds the courage to do it. More to the point, both Christine and Janelle always drive from point A to point B safe and unharmed. With this knowledge in mind, Christine is able to get more comfortable on the plane.

For Janelle Brown, continuing to travel with Christine over the years has just allowed her to slowly reach a place where she’s more comfortable in the car. Likewise, Janelle has also just found ways to cope and distract herself from the road while trusting her friend to get them where they are traveling safely.

Do you find it ironic that both Janelle and Christine have phobias related to traveling considering how much traveling they activity do? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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