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Janelle Brown Hits The Road With Christine

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Janelle Brown is hitting the road with her former sister wife Christine per recent activity on their Instagram Stories. Christine Brown took to her Instagram Stories to share a Car Confessions clip. This time there was a bit of a twist as she had a guest with her. Turns out, it was actually Janelle Brown that was holding the phone as Christine was doing the driving.

After the camera was turned on, Janelle’s face was the first on the screen. She panned over to Christine who chanted “Car Confessions” the same way she always does. Janelle then panned over to herself and added “with a guest” to the end of it.

Turns out, Janelle Brown was hitting the road with her husband’s ex-wife Christine. Where were these two lovely ladies heading? Keep reading for the details and to check out the video.

Sister Wives stars Christine & Janelle Brown take the kids to Universal Studios
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Janelle Brown hits the road with Christine

Sister Wives fans are here for the possibility of Janelle Brown ditching her husband Kody. Fans want her to run off and live with Christine in Utah. Whether Janelle actually leaves Kody, fans adore that Janelle and Christine have been able to retain their friendship. The two are constantly popping up on each other’s Instagram. So, leaving Kody hasn’t destroyed the friendship Christine had with Janelle. And, fans find it refreshing to know their sisterhood was real. Even if they aren’t officially sister wives anymore.

Janelle and Christine Brown explained they were heading out on a road trip via their Instagram Stories last night. There was a yellow dress hanging in the back seat of the vehicle. Sadly, these lovely ladies didn’t share any details on where they were headed for this road trip. Sister Wives fans hoped they were off to have a good time. Regardless of where they were going.

As TvShowsAce previously reported, the TLC personalities used the video to open up about some ironic phobias they have regarding traveling. Turns out, that Christine is afraid of flying and Janelle is terrified of Christine’s driving.

Do you think Janelle Brown would consider leaving Kody after getting a taste of how much easier Christine’s life has been without him? Does Janelle even have a reason to continue to be with Kody? Let us know what you think about Janelle Brown hitting the road with her former sister wife in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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