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Howie Mandel Triggers Heidi Klum & Fans’ Negative Reaction

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Howie Mandel triggered Heidi Klum. Now, the AGT fanbase is sounding off with their negative reaction to his comments. It went down when the band Travis Japan performed on the Tuesday, September 6 episode. They received mixed reviews from the judges — especially Howie.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, he likes to think differently from his fellow co-judges. Howie explained that he tries to see everything differently. Just because an act is funny or entertaining doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to feel the same way.

However, Heidi disagreed with Howie’s views. Read on to learn more about what happened between them.

Heidi Klum On AGT [AGT | YouTube]
[AGT | YouTube]

Why the AGT judge has a different opinion

Earlier this summer, Howie Mandel explained his dissenting vote from his fellow judges. There are times when he will disagree with his counterparts. He feels that’s what makes the competition series different from others. All four judges have different tastes, which makes for a great mix of contestants.

“What’s great is, I think we disagree, but we agree to disagree,” Howie Mandel told CBS8. “We respect the disagreement. We don’t have the same taste, and that’s what we love about everybody here. That’s what I love about Heidi, Sofia, and Simon.”

This happened before when singer Ben Lapidus auditioned for the NBC show. He sang his original song about parmesan cheese. Howie Mandel didn’t think it was amusing enough to let him through the next round. Simon admitted that the song was catchy and memorable.

Initially, the judges hit the red button to eliminate Ben from the game. Simon retracted his X, while Howie stood his ground. He still said no to the singer. This decision came as a shock to fans since he’s a comedian who makes goofy TikTok videos.

Howie Mandel argued that he didn’t find the song funny. He feels that it’s okay to feel differently from his co-judges. He admitted that he’s one of the “toughest” judges on the show, even tougher than Simon. Howie feels the need to be “brutally honest” with the contestants.

Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara & Simon Cowell [AGT | YouTube]
[AGT | YouTube]

Howie Mandel feuds with Heidi Klum?

On the recent episode of AGT, Howie Mandel feuded with his co-judges. He wasn’t impressed with the boy band. Some of the judges loved the performance, while others weren’t feeling it. Howie’s comment triggered Heidi Klum, who was supportive of the musical act.

“You’ve gotta hit some of the notes when you’re singing the solos,” Howie Mandel advised them. “They were really off, the rapping wasn’t good. It seemed like a parody. It looked like a Saturday Night Live sketch. If Liza Minnelli went to Japan and put together a boy band, this was what it would look like.”

Heidi and his fellow judges disagreed with him. They slammed his cruel comments. Even the audience booed. Check out Travis Japan’s performance in the video below.

As you can see, the fans disagreed. One noted is that their “professionalism” and “positivity” is what got them this far. Another wrote: “They don’t give up no matter what happens, they don’t stop walking, that’s Show must go on!” A third fan said they would purchase the song on Apple Music.

What are your thoughts? Do you like Travis Japan? Do you think Howie Mandel was out of line? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Howie Mandel.

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