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Meri Brown Tussles Hair In Sultry Snap, Says She’s ‘Ready’

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Meri Brown cranked up the heat on Instagram last night showing off a sultry side as she tussled her hair and told her followers she was “ready.” The photo featured a sexy side of Meri Brown as she seduced the camera with her eyes. Gazing into the camera with a seductive stare, Meri Brown tussled through her short and messy locks of hair in a way that left fans drooling. What had this TLC star feeling so frisky on a Monday night? And, what did her followers think about this sultry snap?

Meri Brown shares sultry snap, leaves fans drooling

In just 12 hours, Meri Brown’s sultry snap accumulated 10,000 likes and over 300 comments. Fans were HERE for this sexy side of Kody Brown’s first wife. Meri’s child Leon Brown’s partner Audrey even showed their support by liking the sultry snap.

Meri Brown Instagram
Meri – Instagram

In the comments, fans were quickly swooning over this sultry snap. Meri Brown’s gay married best friend that fans often mistake as her lover admitted he absolutely loved this photo of her. Meri responded to his comment by thanking him for his support before wishing him well on his vacation.

One fan noted Meri Brown looked absolutely fabulous in the photo. Meri also responded to this comment by thanking them for their love. Here’s what some other fans had to say about this sultry snap:

  • “Your pictures are really beautiful. I like your style!”
  • “this is an awesome photo! You look AMAZING.”
  • “All these posts seem real dramatic but say NOTHING. What’s the point?”

One fan noted they loved seeing her back in Utah. Another chimed in hoping that meant she left Kody. A few fans, however, were quick to remind everyone that Meri owns a B&B located in Utah.

Meri Brown - Instagram
Meri – Instagram

Will she ever leave Kody?

Sister Wives fans are pretty on the fence about whether Meri will ever leave Kody. Some fans agree Meri is too much of a Kody fan girl to ever really leave him. There, however, is also a lot of speculation that she already left Kody. Some fans believe Meri and Kody only come together long enough to film a new season. Likewise, some fans believe Meri is just trying to get fans going to help promote the new season of the show.

Do you agree this felt like Meri Brown was trying to put on a sexy show for her Instagram followers? What exactly is she ready for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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