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Meri Brown Seethes With Jealousy Over Christine?

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Sister Wives fans believe Meri Brown is seething with jealousy regarding her former sister wife Christine. Fans agree her recent Instagram activity screams that of a desperate woman who craves attention. As fans know, Sister Wives Season 17 is fast approaching and fans agree Christine Brown is standing in the spotlight.

Season 17 teasers and promos promise a heavy focus on what ultimately caused Christine and Kody’s marriage to crumble. Season 17 promos also confirm that Christine is no longer a sister wife and has walked away from the family completely. Her Instagram activity, however, confirms she has retained her friendship with Janelle.

With Christine Brown being in the spotlight, she has participated in tons of exclusive interviews recently. Likewise, she’s also been the focus of ALL the promos and trailers released for the new season. People just can’t stop talking about Christine. Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown in seething with jealousy because of all the attention Christine is getting.

Meri Brown - Instagram
Meri  – Instagram

Meri Brown teases while seething with jealousy?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown took to Instagram a few days ago with a massive tease as she urged fans to “get ready” before noting there was more to the story. In the past 24 hours, she took to Instagram again and continued to tease fans to get ready for the rest of the story. While it is wildly unclear what she’s talking about, fans are starting to speculate and draw conclusions. Many fans speculate Meri Brown is desperately trying to get some of the spotlight back on her. Some fans believe Meri wants fans to think she’s also left Kody as she continues to tag her posts saying she’s in Utah.

Other Sister Wives fans have made it a point to mention that Meri Brown owns a B&B that is located in Utah. Likewise, Meri Brown always does a lot of traveling because of her profession. So, Meri Brown traveling and being in Utah isn’t a sign that she’s also left Kody and is living an exciting and independent single life. In fact, most fans see Meri as a sad and desperate woman who can’t seem to let go of a man who no longer has any interest in her.

Meri Brown - Instagram
Meri  – Instagram

There is a pretty heated debate regarding whether Meri Brown and Kody are even still together. There have been rumors they haven’t been together for a very long time and only appear to be a couple while filming new seasons of the show. Meri, however, occasionally shoots rumors down noting Kody Brown is still very much her husband.

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