Fans Disgusted As Whoopi Says $8M A Year Gig Tires Her

Whoopi Goldberg - Season 26 The View - YouTube/The View

The View returned to television on September 6 after a long hiatus and Whoopi Goldberg has already managed to upset fans. While she’s no stranger to controversy, the reason Whoopi has viewers rolling their eyes this time isn’t political. In fact, it’s personal. Keep reading to see what Whoopi said that has fans so disgusted.

The View Cast Flaunts Their Wealth

Earlier this summer, the cast of The View was accused of flaunting their wealth. Each of them was able to have a luxury vacation in the Bahamas while the show was filming there. They all enjoyed time on the beach, lounging on the resort, and drinking amazing drinks.

The cast of the daily talk show makes plenty of money. In fact, Whoopi Goldberg herself was signed on for four more years on The View last year. Her annual salary on the show is $8 million. Not to mention, she and each of the other women on the show have other projects they are working on.

Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines - Season 26 The View - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

Whoopi has been the highest-paid actress in a number of the films she has worked on too, including Ghost and Sister Act. She has been extremely successful, which is why some fans questioned her complaining about her role on The View during the first episode of the new season.

Whoopi Goldberg Complains About Cushy Job

The ladies gathered around the table once again and kicked the new season off by filling the audience in on what they’d been up to. Whoopi took this chance to vent to everyone about how the break was much needed, for her at least.

“Look, we needed the break. Sometimes people don’t realize on a daily basis, because we’re live, we are not scripted – this is coming out of us,” she said live.

She continued saying, “… It can get tiring sometimes. It’s a lot! And we got a break that we needed! We needed that break!” Then Whoopi went on to joke with the audience by saying that, unfortunately, the break is over now.

Whoopi Goldberg on The View - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

While some people took this to mean that Whoopi was in need of a break, other viewers were disgusted by her remarks. People started tweeting about the comments she made. A few people stated that Whoopi is out of touch and that she is acting like her job is stressful when it isn’t. Others said they’d hate to see what she would feel like working their jobs.

Other viewers pointed out that the entire cast and crew of the show takes a break every August. It isn’t like the break was special to her.

What do you think? Was Whoopi just venting to the audience at The View about normal feelings or is she being ridiculous? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Amanda Blankenship


  1. I think people should walk in another person’s shoes before they start being keyboard warriors. We do not know what Whoopi Goldberg’s life is like off the stage. Get a life.

  2. Whoopi…. I used to think you were a celebrity that was right one with the world however, after the statements about Hobbit and Other like movies is ridiculous. Where are you coming from? You have dug yourself into another hole and this time you need to stay down there. Take your 8m and leave us alone.

    Paul Sharon SFC Ret.

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