Emma Johnston Enjoys Babysitting Liz & Brice’s Baby Boy

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Emma Johnston admitted she had a blast babysitting her sister Liz and her boyfriend Brice’s baby boy while they ventured on one last road trip together. Elizabeth Johnston took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal that she rounded out the summer going on one last trip with the “best tripper ever” referring to her boyfriend, Brice.

Liz Johnston’s photos revealed she and Brice spent some time hanging out on the beach and they even did a little fishing together. Her baby sister Emma popped into the comments to reveal that she took charge while her sister was away. Moreover, she really enjoyed babysitting her nephew a.k.a. Brice and Liz’s baby boy. What baby boy was she talking about exactly? And, what did fans have to say about this final road trip?

Emma Johnston has a blast watching her sister’s baby boy

While going on a road trip, Liz had to leave someone in charge of her boy Miller. Fortunately, her sister Emma was happy to step up to the plate. Emma penned in the comments, “Had a great time taking care of y’all’s lil boy ‘Miller’ dog.” Emma’s comment was liked more than two dozen times. Fans were thrilled to see Emma and Liz were still so close even though they no longer lived under the same roof.

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In the comments, fans gushed about how cute of a couple Brice and Liz Johnston are. Many fans were hoping Brice and/or Liz would pop into the comments and share some more details about where they went or what beach was in the photo. Sadly, Liz didn’t even tag the photo with this information.

Fans celebrate the sweet couple

As fans recall, Liz Johnston caught her parents off guard when she revealed plans for her boyfriend Brice to move into her home with her. Amber and Trent Johnston were not supportive of the idea. Admitting they were a bit old-fashioned, they believe Liz and Brice should be married before living together.

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Trent and Amber Johnston catch a lot of heat for the way they handle their children. 7 Little Johnstons fans believe the couple shouldn’t rush their children to move out so quickly. Likewise, many fans question why they even had children when they are so quick to push them out of the nest.

Do you think it is sweet that Emma Johnston stepped in to watch her sister’s dog while she was on a road trip? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. yes I thought it was nice of her to do that for them. I love the show and watch it all the time. I don’t know why people say negative things. there lives are just like our lives but only there’s are on a TV show.
    someday I hope to meet them all. my son Gary who is 26 watches it with me. he would like to meet you all to.
    hope your show’s continue forever. thank you for sharing. we enjoy it. I love it how it is family all the way.

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