‘Welcome To Plathville’ Fans Heartbroken For Lydia Plath, Why?

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Welcome to Plathville fans are feeling sorry for Lydia Plath. They recently had a realization and are now heartbroken for Kim and Barry Plath’s 18-year-old daughter. So, why do fans feel this way? Keep reading for all of the details.

On the Plath family’s TLC show, viewers watched Lydia pitch in with her siblings. She was portrayed as being responsible and some fans even think she was the “golden child.” Though she’s actually younger than 20-year-old Moriah, many fans thought Lydia seemed older and more like an adult.

For example, Lydia had access to the family’s computer password when none of the other children did.

welcome to plathville YouTube, Lydia Plath

Not only did Lydia act more mature, but Welcome to Plathville fans believe her parents, Kim and Barry, treated her as if she was much older, too. In some cases, this isn’t necessarily bad. However, now, fans think Lydia’s role in her family might affect her deeply for years to come.

Welcome to Plathville fans express their concerns for Lydia Plath.

In a Reddit thread, fans are talking about how they feel bad for Lydia. Most of these comments are about her having so many responsibilities at a young age and taking on many tasks for her mother, Kim.

Amid Kim and Barry’s marital issues, Lydia seemed to step it up and help out even more. As shown on Welcome to Plathville, she seemed eager to help and was willing to pitch in with whatever needed to be done.

One fan wrote, “She was doing everything Kim should have been doing, it is great to show the kids chores, and responsibilities, but she took it to a whole other level.”

Another Welcome to Plathville viewer added, “The thing with Lydia is she has never been given a chance to find out who she is or if she has any talents. She’s been taught from a young age to suppress her needs and emotions in service of everyone else in the family.”

Lydia Plath, Welcome to Plathville, YouTube

Someone else chimed in, “Lydia makes me sad. I really feel bad for her.”

Several Reddit users are hopeful that Lydia will go to therapy to help her heal. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Lydia.

So, are you sad for Lydia Plath, too? Or do you think she enjoys living her life this way? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Welcome to Plathville news.

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  1. Lydia makes me uneasy with the picnic. She seems to take on ‘wife’ rolls more so than a load of chores! She needs removed from the home and put into therapy NOW! What Kim has done to those beautiful children is a CRIME they all seem so very sad! Look at Ethan, he can’t even express himself to Olivia on a daily basis?

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