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Netflix ‘Dated & Related’ Roppo Siblings: Where Are They Now?

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Netflix’s latest dating series Dated & Related has been a success with a fresh twist added to the monotonous dating themes. The show brings together not just single couples, but also siblings that help one another in finding the best partner. The show premiered on September 2 and released all the episodes at once revealing that Kaz Bishop and Diana Parsijiani bagged the winner’s title. Not just that, they also got prize money of $100,000.

How Did The Roppos Make It To Netflix’s Dated & Related?

However, it’s not just the Bishops and Parsijianis that got the fans’ attention. Another sibling pair, Joey and Corrina Roppo, also brought some fresh perspective to this dating arrangement. The siblings were selected after the show’s casting producer took a glance at their TikTok videos. As per Meaww, the siblings became a part of the show in the spring of 2021.

Dated & Related YouTube

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Before participating in the Netflix dating show, Corrina Roppo worked as a musician and teacher. Fans can hear her song, Body Heat which was released in February 2021 on Spotify and YouTube. After their stint on Dated & Related, the duo also recorded another album which will soon release in the fall of 2022.

The Roppos Aspire To Venture Into The Entertainment Industry

Joey, who was employed as Customs Brokerage at Expeditors has now quit his job to pursue his dream of modeling and acting. The Roppos plan on using their popularity from the reality TV show to launch their new professions. They aspire to be a part of the entertainment industry and their recent fame will definitely help them achieve that. They have been working on songwriting and music for about five and six years.

Dated & Related YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

About a month ago, the Roppos relocated to LA. The siblings decided on LA as their destination as that is where all the Hollywood action is and it also allows them to collaborate with other cast members from Dated & Related.

Netflix’s Roppo Siblings Are Big-Time Music Enthusiasts

Corrina has been a music enthusiast and creator since she was 12 and plans to self-publish an album in time. She had even auditioned for The Voice and American Idol. However, it didn’t work out for her. Corrina is a former music instructor and a Monroe High School graduate. On the other hand, Joey formerly worked in the supply chain logistics department. The Roppo sister’s passion for music started with school and community musical theatre productions. This especially bloomed during her time at Anderlin Arts.

Dated & Related YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Joey has always been an athletic individual who attended Central Washington University. He graduated in 2016 and that is when he fell in love with music and started churning out some amazing pieces with his guitar. He started training himself to play the instrument and write some amazing songs with his sibling by his side.

Dated & Related is now streaming on Netflix and fans can watch all 10 episodes of the first season on the platform.

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