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‘Bad Hair Day’ Doctor Gasps At Sight Of ‘Melon’ On Patient’s Neck

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Bad Hair Day is one of the newest medical shows on TLC.  From Dr. Pimple Popper to My 600-Lb. Life, TLC viewers are always ready to consume the latest medical content. But Bad Hair Day is a bit different from the others.

According to TLC, “Patients with extreme hair-related medical issues seek out Dr. Angie Phipps, Dr. Meena Singh and Dr. Isha Lopez for life-changing procedures and treatments. From hair restoration to hair removal and every extreme in between, these doctors do it all!”

But how will the team react when a patient shows up with a melon-sized growth on their head? Keep reading to see what happens next.

Bad Hair Day‘s Dr. Isha has a massive case on her hands

TLC viewers know that there are a wide variety of health conditions that a person can experience. But patients on Bad Hair Day are experiencing something on an entirely different level.

In a recent episode, Dr. Isha must help a patient who has had a growth on the back of his neck that has been there for “quite a long time.” According to the patient, it’s been slowly growing for 14-15 years. He can cover it with his shoulder-length hair to hide it from the public, but it still bothers him on a daily basis. The growth’s weight is causing the patient a lot of discomfort and neck pain. He finally decided it was time to have it removed.

Bad Hair Day from TLC
Bad Hair Day/TLC

When Dr. Isha finally gets to look at the growth, she’s very shocked. TLC couldn’t help but tease the big reveal on its Instagram account.

“When I tell you I *gasped*! #BadHairDay is new Wednesdays at 10/9c,” the official TLC Instagram account posted online.

Although many followers sympathized with the patient, many also didn’t understand why he didn’t have it looked at sooner. After all, 14-15 years is a very long time to live with that kind of chronic pain.

Dr. Isha and the patient come up with a plan of attack

After examining the patient, Dr. Isha believes she can save a lot of the patient’s hairline. But the bad news is that there is a lot of excess skin attached. The two start planning a course of treatment. If at all possible, the patient says he would like to avoid invasive surgeries. He’s the primary caregiver to his daughter and can’t afford to be out of commission for long.

Bad Hair Day from TLC
Bad Hair Day/TLC

To keep up with the latest cases, tune into TLC at 10 PM eastern time and see what the Bad Hair Day staff tackle next. Without a doubt, there will be more interesting cases for the team to cover.

Stay tuned for more information on Bad Hair Day and other TLC medical shows. You won’t want to miss out on a single story, so check back for more.

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