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Whitney Way Thore Encourages Fans To Send Cards For Babs

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Fans know that Whitney Way Thore and her family are having a rough time on this season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. During the course of filming, Whitney’s mother Babs suffered a stroke and needed immediate medical care. Although the situation was certainly frightening, Babs seems to be in a much better position these days.

Now, Whitney would love for fans to send kind words and cards to help Babs with her recovery process. Keep reading to see more.

Whitney Way Thore wants fans to wish Babs well in her recovery

In a recent Instagram update, Whitney Way Thore revealed that her mother Babs was now in a treatment facility. Sadly, they couldn’t move her back home because the house wasn’t wheelchair accessible. And although Babs has come a long way, she still needs full-time nurses to help take care of her needs. For now, the Abbotswood care facility is the best place for her.

Glenn, Babs, and Whitney Way Thore from TLC
Glenn & Babs Thore/TLC

But that doesn’t mean that Babs is lonely. Whitney went on to say that she and her dad had moved in too to help out. In another Instagram video, the MBFFL star revealed that Glenn and Babs are still happy and in love.

The road ahead may be long and hard, but Whitney Way Thore wants her fans to know that they can help. She recently shared information so that fans can send get well cards to Babs.

Whitney Way Thore and Babs, My Big Fat Fabulous Life from TLC
My Big Fat Fabulous Life/TLC

“Many of you asked where you can send stuff to Mom — I asked her if she would like some cards and she said, ‘Maybe two?’ I think we can do better than that! Thank y’all so much. 🖤” the TLC personality captioned her Instagram video before adding the address.

Fans that want to write to Babs can do so at:

Whitney Thore
P.O. Box 38397
Greensboro, NC

Will you be sending Babs a card? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The MBFFL star gets more unfortunate news

On this season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, fans can see that Whitney is navigating a lot. And it’s not just about Babs’ stroke.

Whitney Way Thore would love to experience motherhood, but a pregnancy would be difficult due to her health. As a result, she’s looked into surrogacy instead. In a recent episode, the TLC star learned that the friend she chose to be a surrogate had to back out.

“For Whitney to ask me to be a surrogate for her is a huge honor,” Whitney’s friend Heather sadly explained on the show. “For a surrogacy you want the very best case scenario. And my body simply isn’t.”

No matter what happens next, fans just hope that Whitney Way Thore will get a chance at true happiness. Stay tuned for more information on My Big Fat Fabulous Life.


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