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The Real Reason Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Had Children?

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Little People, Big World fans think Jeremy and Audrey Roloff had their first child, Ember, for all the wrong reasons. Likewise, many fans speculate the couple continues to have more children for less-than-ideal reasons as well. Why do fans think Audrey and Jeremy had children for the wrong reasons? Here are the recent fan theories about it.

The real reason Audrey and Jeremy Roloff had children

LPBW fans believe Jeremy Roloff only pushed Audrey to get pregnant with their first baby because he was jealous of his brother Zach. Fans noted that Jeremy came off as extremely competitive. Likewise, he gave off the impression that he needed to be first at everything. One fan noted that Audrey Roloff made it pretty clear she didn’t think she was ready for a child. She was letting God take the wheel and she would have a child when the time is right. Audrey and Jeremy, however, ended up welcoming their daughter Ember into the world just a few months after Zach and Tori gave birth to Jackson.

Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff - youtube
Audrey Roloff – Jeremy Roloff – youtube

Now, there are some fans who point out these pregnancies were so close together that it is unlikely that Audrey knew Tori was pregnant with Jackson when she became pregnant with Ember. This piece of information, however, does not stop many fans from thinking Jeremy only pursued having his first baby because Zach was having one.

Jeremy seems to be used to being the first to do everything and likes it that way. To me, he seemed jealous at Zach and Tori’s gender reveal once finding out it’s a boy. Auj even admitted on the show she didn’t feel ready for a baby and wasn’t sure the timing was right but was trusting God’s timing or something along those lines. I think Jeremy really pushed for that baby partly because he wanted a child but mostly because he was jealous of Zach.”

Some fans speculate Jeremy may even resent Ember because he wanted his first child to be a boy because that’s what Zach had.

Another fan chimed in: “Oh he definitely sees it as a competition. He was always the first to do everything relationship-wise in school and we know he’s competitive about other things and a sore loser, why would having kids be any different.”

Audrey - Jeremy - Ember - Bode Roloff Instagram
Audrey – Jeremy – Ember – Bode Roloff Instagram

Fans say her intentions aren’t better

Little People, Big World fans argue that Audrey’s intentions for continuing to have children aren’t much better. Fans note that Audrey has a weird obsession with wanting to have a redheaded child. Fans speculate she’ll continue having babies until she gets her child with red hair. Likewise, some fans believe Audrey also wants to have twins.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have made it clear on Instagram that they want a big family and they aren’t done having children just yet. What do you think about these fan theories? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on the Roloff family.


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