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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Finale Teases Heartbreak & New Beginnings

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Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife has been one for the books. With the Winder family gone, it lost some of its legitimacy. The series went from the search for polygamy to engaging in polyamory. Now that it is coming to an end, however, TLC promises a whirlwind of emotions. So, what can fans expect? Read on for more details.

A Seeking Sister Wife Wedding & Breakup

As with the past few seasons, this one will end with a commitment ceremony. Season 2 ended with Dimitri and Ashley Snowden committing themselves to Vanessa Cobbs. Unfortunately, she left the family right after the tell-all but they were in luck. At the end of Season 3, Dimitri legally married Christeline Petersen and became a new sister wife. The family is clearly no longer on the series as they faced a lot of personal issues. However, Nick Davis and his wives, April and Jennifer have been pegged as quite interesting. They found a young woman, Danielle, 22 prior to the season beginning. As the TLC clip begins, she is seen walking down the aisle and committing herself to the Davis family.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC
April, Danielle, Jennifer

Unfortunately, the next flash is to Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield. They started courting Roberta from Brazil prior to Season 3 and quickly propose to her. The hope was that she would be here by now. Her paperwork has all gone through but she has not made the leap though the couple has gone above and beyond. They just went to Brazil to spend time with her and see what needed to be done to expedite the process. With tears in their eyes, it was clear to see that they were not getting their happy ending.

Coming So Far With A Step Behind

Both sets of couples had little faith instilled in them. The Davises were frowned upon from the beginning. Viewers could not understand how Nick could stay at home while his wives worked. Plus, neither Jennifer nor April were even married to him. April had been with him for almost fifteen years and then she met Jennifer almost five years ago. The two clicked so she introduced her to Nick. Then they had a connection so they wanted to all get married. However, that is not legal so the women married each other but took Nick’s last name. They all share a bed so it was different when Danielle came in but she seemed open enough. They are ending the season with a baby on the way and a new wife.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC
The Merrifields

Garrick and Dannielle had been married for over a decade with marital problems. Eventually, he came to her with the idea they should try plural marriage. She was not a fan but did it anyway and they met Roberta online. They traveled to Mexico to meet up with her and two days later, were engaged. To make it easier for her to come to America, the Merrifields got a divorce and even built a bigger home but she has yet to arrive. They even tried courting someone else. As it stands, Roberta is happier in Brazil and won’t be coming here ever.

Find out what happens with all the couples on the Season 4 finale of Seeking Sister Wife Monday on TLC.

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  1. Garrick and Danielle need an intervention by their families. These 2 have gone thru so much with this Brazilian woman Roberta. She took them on a rollercoaster ride. They spent money on this woman that they could have used on their home and children. I am sorry but then again NOT sorry for them. They act as if they don’t have priorities which should be their children, their home and their families. I feel bad for her family only and not them. They should PUT THIS SEARCH FOR ANOTHER WIFE on hold and work on their relationship before jumping into another. Mr. Garrick has to keep his pants zippered up and worry about his marriage and not any other woman😡👍

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