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‘Life After Lockup’: Why Do The Ladies Love Kevin?

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Life After Lockup star Kevin Hale has of the ladies going crazy…literally. It all started on Love After Lockup and has slowly spilled over. Fans cannot quite figure out what it is about the 39-year-old that is so desirable. The mystery may be solved. Well, kind of.

Why Do The Ladies Love Life After Lockup’s Kevin Hale?

Kevin currently has two women vying for his love and his body. He has his long-time on-and-off girlfriend Kayla. She does not seem to want anyone with him but her. Then there is Tiffany who was his locked-up love. He was all ready to grab her from prison when she walked right past him upon her release. Ultimately, she came to stay with him, and, despite their ups and downs, they tried to make it work. That is until she found another woman’s panties in his drawer. Tiffany left the panties, a note, and left Kevin behind but Kayla was right there ready to pick up the pieces.

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An episode after he hooked up with Kayla again, Tiffany was knocking on his door. So, what makes him so desirable? According to Starcasm, no one really knows. Recently, screenshots between Kayla and a fan were shared. It seems that Kevin likes to slide into the DMs of girls he finds on Instagram. He then tries to pursue them but no one is exactly sure why. The fan told Kayla that he looks like “an old beat up dog from the pound.” Kayla wondered why the female was so invested but, then again, why was Kayla taking her time to engage with this person?

Is Kevin Single?

So, in real-time, Kayla is not happy with Kevin. She made it known on her private Instagram by posting that he will never change. As for Tiffany, she has moved on with a new boyfriend so they are officially over. Yet, circling back to Kayla, they have tried to part ways for a very long time but it just never happened. She has said that their chemistry is great and they just have something between each other. Who knows what will happen to them at the end of it all? Kevin is not a bum by any means.

Life After Lockup/YouTube

He is a hard-working truck driver who does have a nice Audi and enjoys going out. Back in July, he shared a post on IG that was full of Gucci merch. Plus, it appears he has his own home and can take care of his women. The downside is that he is a chronic chain smoker and lies to the girls he is with. He pretends he is not playing around when he clearly is. Even the fans have taken to Twitter to share their feelings about him.

  • “Kevin lookalike he smells like cigarettes and axe body spray.”
  • “Kevin’s mom obviously coddled his little a** once she realized he wasn’t gonna grow past 5’2.”
  • “Kevin looks old and young at the same time.”

Those are just a few of the comments about him. In the end, there is really no logical explanation for the fascination with Kevin. Let’s just chuck it up to wanting to be on television or he makes a lot of really good promises. Why do you think they flock to him? Let us know and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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