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Susie Evans Gets Real About Long Distance & Future

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Susie Evans and Clayton Echard are two of the funniest people to watch on TikTok. They are constantly in on the joke and have dueted posts talking about them. In a recent video after posting one where Clayton slayed a dance, she posted a behind-the-scenes where he’d been trying to nail it take after take.

Susie is also willing to go to bat whenever someone says something unkind about Clayton. They have been living together in Virginia Beach and having a great time, but soon they’ll be trying long distance out again. During a Q and A on Instagram, fans asked about it and Susie responded.

Is Susie Evans Ready To Do The Long-Distance Thing?

Susie Evans was asked on Instagram if she is really moving to LA. According to Bachelor Nation Susie said, “kind of I don’t have a place to live after this month.” She said Clayton would be looking for a house in Arizona and she’ll be staying in an Airbnb.

She also said if anyone hears of a job in projection to let her know. Clayton and Susie will go back and forth and see which place they like better. Susie also said there is only a fifty-minute flight between them.

They’re Purchasing Homes In Different Places

Susie Evans responded to another fan who asked if she would eventually move to Arizona to be with him. Evans said she thinks they like the idea of options to live in Arizona or Virginia. She said he has been looking for a home and she might get to go on some viewings with him.

Susie Evans, TikTok
Susie Evans, TikTok

Susie said he’s really picky about houses so she knows it will be nice. She said when she can she’ll buy a house close to her folks in Virginia and he’ll have his house in Arizona. Susie said they will have both someday and can use one as a rental.

What Does She Love And Respect About Clayton?

Wrapping up the Q and A Susie Evans shared the things she loved about Clayton. She said he put lots of effort into their relationship and how he can be a better human. Susie said he rose to the challenge during a difficult time instead of crumbling and became a better person.

Susie Evans, TikTok
Susie Evans, TikTok

She’s referring to the hateful messages and press Clayton got after his season aired. He’d told all three women he loved them including current dual-bachelorettes Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. When Susie questioned things between them because she found out he’d been intimate with them, he walked her out.

A lot of fans thought he was cold with her, but later he said he was just shocked and under a lot of pressure. Of course, the rest is history. Do you think Susie and Clayton will be okay with a temporary long-distance relationship? Comment with your thoughts below.

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