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Meri Brown Gets Cryptic: ‘There’s More To The Story’

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Meri Brown of Sister Wives got a bit cryptic on Instagram on Saturday afternoon. The TLC personality shared a mysterious photo of herself peeking over the top of an open brown book. She had her face hidden behind the inside of the book with the cover and binding facing the camera. In the caption of this post, Meri got cryptic.

“There’s more to the story…” She penned in her strange post. She added a hashtag to the end of the post that said “Ready.”

What story was she talking about? What was she ready for exactly? Keep reading to see a snapshot of exactly what Meri Brown’s cryptic post looked like and to see what Sister Wives fans that follow her had to say about it.

Meri Brown from TLC
Meri – YouTube

Meri Brown gets cryptic, more to the story?

Meri Brown’s former sister wife has been all over headlines recently as she’s done tons of interviews ahead of the Season 17 Premiere. Moreover, teasers for the new season have revealed that Christine Brown no longer considers herself to be a sister wife. Likewise, she has fessed up to having zero relationship with Meri or Robyn at this point in time.

Is Meri trying to stir the pot regarding all of the interviews her former sister wife has been doing? Is she just trying to build anticipation for the Season 17 Premiere? Could there be more to the story than what fans already know? Is it possible Christine Brown also had a falling out with Robyn and Meri as well?

Meri Brown - Instagram
Meri – Instagram

Some Sister Wives fans thought Meri Brown being in Utah in the photo meant she might’ve also left Kody. Other fans, however, stepped in to remind everyone that her B&B was located in Utah. So, it made perfect sense for her to be in Utah.

Now, Meri Brown doesn’t make a habit of talking about the show or family drama on social media. So, it is also possible her post has nothing to do with Sister Wives at all. Either way, fans thought the post felt incredibly cryptic. And, they can’t wait to see if Meri explains herself and what this post was about.

What do you think Meri Brown’s cryptic Instagram post was about? What is she suggesting fans aren’t getting the whole story about? Let us know what you think her post is about in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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