Does Logan Palmer Have ‘Bachelorette’ Regrets?

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Logan Palmer had a very controversial experience on The Bachelorette. He decided after accepting a rose from Rachel Recchia that he really had feelings for Gabby Windey. To everyone’s surprise, Gabby accepted the switch and welcomed Logan. However, things took a turn when Logan was diagnosed with Covid and was forced to abruptly end his journey. There have been conspiracy theories about whether or not he really had Covid. Now, Logan is setting the record straight and also sharing if he has any regrets from this time on the show.

Does Logan Palmer have Bachelorette regrets?

Logan Palmer’s time on The Bachelorette was cut short after a Covid diagnosis. Now that he’s home and even rumored to be heading to Bachelor in Paradise, Logan is sharing if he has any regrets about his time with Rachel and Gabby.

Bachelor Nation shared what Logan had to say about having regrets during his time on the show. This week he appeared on the Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast where he shared the scoop.

He said,  “If I could go back, I would have said something at the mansion. I think it would’ve saved a lot of difficulties down the road. When Rachel offered me the rose after I talked to both of them, I think maybe in hindsight I would pull both of them aside and tell Rachel I am honored and while I do want to explore something with her, I thought Gabby was going to offer me the rose.”

Logan continued, “I think putting that info out there would have made it clearer earlier on, so I wouldn’t have made such a big splash later on. There’s no easy way to let that information out, but if I could do it over, I would’ve said something at the mansion.”

Logan Palmer via YouTube
Logan Palmer via YouTube

Why did he not talk to Rachel before the rose ceremony?

Logan also shared a deeper look into why he didn’t bring the subject up before accepting Rachel’s rose. He said she had already had a horrible evening with the whole Hayden situation. So, Logan didn’t want to make it worse.

What he did say is that while fans saw it drag out between the time he got the rose and the time he talked to Rachel about it, he said it was really only hours.

He said, “I know it was a week apart when watching the episodes, but the truth is, between that Rose Ceremony where I accepted the rose and me talking to Rachel was just hours apart.”

Logan and Gabby via Insta

Did he really have Covid?

Logan also addressed whether or not he really had Covid. While he admits to loving hearing all the conspiracies that have surfaced over his departure, Logan said he really did have Covid.

What do you think about Logan’s regrets? What do you think about him really having Covid and no conspiracy existed?


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