Hannah Brown Addresses Speculation About Her Relationship

Hannah Brown, YouTube

Hannah Brown has never held back her feelings and doesn’t have any trouble sharing things with fans. After being eliminated from Colton Underwood’s season she went on to be the lead and broke the hearts of Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron. Now she’s in a relationship with Adam Woolard and has appeared to be very happy. While she’s used to living in the spotlight, she can’t help but think everyone wants her to fail.

As many couples from the franchise know, fans watch their relationships closely. Hannah took a different route to find love with Adam using a dating app instead of dating several men at one time. That seems to be working out better for her. Hannah and Adam have been together for over and year and share a dog. Read on to see what Hannah did that has fans thinking Adam is out of the picture.

The Tik Tok Hannah Brown Made That Started It

Hannah Brown took to TikTok to lip sync over a popular audio. It says, “I just want everyone to know I’m no longer in my falling in love with everyone phase. I’m done with that. I only love Jesus now.” See the video here. She threw a cheeky wink in at the end and hashtagged, “Jesusstilllovesme.” It seemed to reference when Luke Parker found out she slept with other men and she told him, “Jesus still loves me.”

Hannah Brown, TikTok
Hannah Brown, TikTok

Fans immediately were concerned she and Adam had broken up. Zachary Reality found himself tagged several times to help figure out what was going on.  A fan said, “Plz confirm that u and Adam are still together I’m on the verge of tears over here.” One fan didn’t believe the hype. He said, “everyone thinks she and Adam broke up…. But does the A on her necklace not stand for Adam?

She Addressed The Comments Herself

Zachary Reality was tagged in the video to get to the bottom of it and he showed up. He said, “she still with Adam and it’s just an audio that relates to her & her season.” Hannah Brown responded to the comments as well saying, “omg no just referencing my time on The Bachelorette.”

Hannah Brown, TikTok
Hannah Brown, TikTok

Adam ofter joins Hannah for her TikTok videos, so he’s sure to be back in a video soon. She shared a video with pictures of their apartment saying this was how to live with a boy but keep your decor cute. One fan said, “I went with the “phase his things out” option. Takes longer, but he doesn’t notice until it’s in its final stage and nothing is his.” What do you think about how quick people are to assume famous couples have broken up from one TikTok or post? Comment with your thoughts below.

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