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Mykelti Padron, 27 Weeks Pregnant, Walks Scary Bridge For Avalon

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Mykelti and Tony Padron’s daughter, Avalon, overcame a truly terrifying feat — and she does so while missing a shoe. What terrifying feat did the one-year-old overcome while missing a shoe? Scroll down to learn more about it and to check out the pictures.

Mykelti Padron and daughter Avalon do something terrifying

Taking her daughter Avalon to an aquarium, Mykelti Padron didn’t realize they would have to cross a rope bridge together. Sharing a few photos of her 27-week pregnant self and her daughter fighting to get across the bridge, Mykelti admits how terrifying it was.

Avalon - Instagram
Avalon – Instagram

In the caption of her post, Mykelti Padron exclaimed “YES!” in response to whether the rope bridge was terrifying. Furthermore, she admitted she had absolutely no desire to ever cross a rope bridge like that again.

The next big question fans had was simple: Did Avalon enjoy walking across the bridge? Getting super honest, Mykelti admits she wasn’t really sure if Avalon enjoyed walking across the bridge or not. She, however, was brave enough to do it. Sister Wives fans speculated Avalon found bravery in knowing mama was right behind her.

Mykelti Credit: Mykelti Padron IG
Mykelti – Instagram

Mykelti continued to explain: “We walk a rope bridge a little too uncomfortably high off the ground while 27 weeks pregnant with a 1-year-old. But she loves the aquarium. That’s the positive side!!!”

Her post suggests the rope bridge was just part of the experience at the aquarium she took her daughter to that day.

Sister Wives fans react to the terrifying post

Some fans quickly called attention to the fact that Avalon had only a single shoe on her foot as she crossed the rope bridge. A deeper inspection of the photos revealed her mother, Mykelti, had the other shoe in her hand. Other fans pointed out the intense concentration on Avalon’s face as she walked the bridge. Fans also noted the fear that seemed to be washing over Mykelti’s face.

Mykelti Padron - Instagram
Mykelti Padron – Instagram

Here’s what some fans had to say in the comments of the post:

  • “Awesome job but I have chills. Not crazy about heights either.”
  • “I love this bridge there omg try again when not pregnant.”
  • “Well done Avalon for walking that all by yourself knowing Mommy is behind you – You were very brave even if you didn’t enjoy walking the rope bridge.”
  • “She is the CUTEST little lady.”

Most fans agreed that Avalon Padron is the cutest little girl. Fans agreed Mykelti Padron was rocking her pregnancy glow. And, fans encouraged Mykelti to wait until after she was done with the pregnancy to walk any more rope bridges.

What do you think of Mykelti Padron and Avalon’s latest feat? Do you agree it looks terrifying?

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