Kody Brown Uses Word ‘Hate’ Describing Christine’s Feelings

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Kody Brown is trying whatever he can to hold his plural family together. Unfortunately, no matter what he seems to say or do, Christine Brown’s mind is made up. His third wife has had enough of the mistreatment and she is ready to move on. Now, in a clip for the upcoming season, Kody had some strong words to describe Christine’s feelings. Read on to find out how it all plays out and why he would go to such lengths.

Kody Brown Breaks Out The ‘Hate’

When Season 16 of Sister Wives ended, Christine had packed up all of Kody’s stuff and left it in the basement. His biggest issue was that she had told everyone around them that she wanted out. Now, the show is back and it will show how everything actually went down between the two of them. It will also include Kody’s attempt to figure out how to keep Christine with the family. However, in doing that, his anger spirals out of control. In a conversation, shown on TLC’s Instagram, Christine tries to explain to Kody that she has given all that she can and has tried her best.

Kody Brown/YouTube/Sister Wives

As for Kody, he feels that he has had his heart broken. Why? For starters, he feels that he has fallen victim to her constant complaints and hatred for polygamy. This was one of their biggest issues, aside from reduced intimacy. Whenever Christine had an issue with plural marriage, she felt that Kody just disregarded her. However, she just wanted him to listen and talk her off of the ledge. He could not do that and this caused even more problems for the mother of six.

The Season Of Change & Breaking Away

Kody Brown has claimed that he wants Christine to have better relationships with her sister wives. He is barely on any terms with his first wife Meri. As for his second wife, Janelle, she and Christine have the closest friendship possible. In fact, the two snuck off to hang out during the pandemic, against Kody’s wishes. Yet, he did claim that she was somewhat distant from his fourth wife, Robyn’s five children in the mothering department. To be fair, Christine tried to get her daughter, Ysabel to go by and visit. Yet Kody was on his pandemic high horse and preferred to have a nanny instead.

Christine Brown/YouTube/Sister Wives

It appears the family is really at a breaking point and there is a lot that needs to be rectified for it to keep moving even without Christine. Meri does not think they are really even sister wives anymore. Sadly, the family has been fractured for years, especially since Flagstaff kept them all at such a distance. Can they work it out without Christine or is this a lost cause? Find out when the new season of Sister Wives airs September 11 on TLC.

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