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Jacob Roloff’s Wife Isabel Reveals True Colors With Bizarre Post

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Little People, Big World fans love to hate Jacob Roloff and his wife Isabel. They take issue with the couple’s decision to document Isabel’s entire pregnancy and then refuse to show a full photo of their son, Mateo after he was born. Likewise, fans dislike Isabel Roloff using social media to earn any income after her husband Jacob decided they didn’t want to be part of the TLC series. Fans argue it is a bit hypocritical to not want to be reality TV stars while using the fandom from the show to earn some easy cash.

It was something Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel posted on Instagram recently, however, that really sent fans over the edge. On Reddit, fans admitted they were disgusted with her Instagram post. And, they believed she was showing her true colors.

Amy Roloff Instagram, Isabel Roloff

Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel: Low key catfish?

On Reddit, one LPBW fan called attention to the fact that Isabel Roloff posted a bizarre tribute to Amy and Chris on their wedding anniversary. These fans thought it was strange because Jacob Roloff’s wife wished Chris and Amy a happy anniversary, but she did so while posting a photo of herself. Moreso, she also made part of the post about herself too. The OP of the thread dragged Isabel Roloff for her “attention-mongering” post.

Respond to the thread, another fan noted there was a simple reason why Isabel picked this particular photo for her anniversary tribute. The individual noted that Isabel has major body issues and she “low-key catfishes” her Instagram followers.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

The LPBW fan explained: “Izzy clearly has body issues and she likes to low key catfish people on her ig (for example, the fact she was barley recognizable at audreys hillbilly party or whatever the tone deaf theme was, I can’t remember exactly) so my suspicion is that she doesn’t really like the group pics she has with Amy and Chris on the day so chose this one.”

And yeah she could just post amy and Chris but she is a content creator so I can imagine why she wouldn’t want a pic of just them on her feed.”

Other fans react to her Instagram post

One LPBW fan noted it was “silly” and didn’t make sense for her to post a photo tribute to Amy and Chris without including them in the photo. Another individual noted Isabel was giving “narcissistic” vibes.

Isabel Roloff Instagram, LPBW

“I thought this was strange too. My first thought was it was a new pregnancy announcement. If Amy and Chris were in the pic, it wouldn’t be weird.” A different fan added to the conversation.

There were some fans who rushed to Isabel Roloff’s defense and noted that fans were reaching with this criticism. Most, however, thought the post was just strange.

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