Is Jenny Slatten Loaded, What Is Her Net Worth In India?

90 Day Fiance Jenny Slatten YouTube

With a gripping back story and lots of family drama, Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh’s story on 90 Day Fiancé has made them a fan favorite. After the couple got married, they often tease glimpses of their life in India on social media. So, how does the couple afford this lavish lifestyle? Is Jenny Slatten loaded? What does the couple do for a living in India?

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Jenny Slatten & Sumit Singh Get Married Despite 30-Year Age Gap

After starting their journey on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 2, the couple has now been together for nearly a decade. Their love story started when Sumit sent Jenny a friend request on Facebook, pretending to be someone named Michael Jones. It was only after one year that Sumit revealed his actual identity. Despite being catfished, Jenny, who had fallen for the 33-year-old, forgave him.

90 Day Fiance Jenny Slatten YouTube

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Despite the 30-year age gap, the couple decided to continue their relationship. As per InTouch Weekly, after several hardships and denial from Sumit’s parents, the couple finally got married.

Jenny Slatten Charges For Personalized Fan Videos

Earlier in the show, Jenny had revealed that she quit her job in a resort to start her new life with her long-distance boyfriend in India. The mother of three received a total of $6000 to take care of her expenses while in India. In the episode, she explained, “My plan is to take out all my savings, and I’m moving to India in two weeks.”

90 Day Fiance Jenny Slatten Sumit Singh YouTube

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Although the 63-year-old’s net worth isn’t known as of now, she does receive a paycheck for her appearance on the TLC show. As per reports, the average pay for a TLC star on 90 Day Fiancé ranges between $1000 and $1500 per episode. On the other hand, they get paid a whopping $2500 to appear in the tell-all specials.

Given that each season has a total of 12 episodes, it is safe to assume that Jenny Slatten gets paid around $14,500 per season. Apart from this, Jenny also profits from selling personalized fan videos via the Cameo platform. The reality star charges about $75 for one video.

Jenny And Sumit Back On Happily Ever After

The last fans saw Jenny and Sumit on TLC, they had freshly tied the knot behind Sumit’s parents’ back. While Jenny didn’t want to inform them about the marriage, Sumit insisted that they do. He suggested that they invite his entire family to the house and break the news to them.

90 Day Fiance Jenny Slatten Sumit Singh YouTube

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As expected, the family was taken aback, especially Sumit’s mother. Now, the couple is elaborating their story after marriage on Happily Ever After. Not only are they tackling their family dynamics, but they have also come to a realization that their perception of a perfect married life might not be achievable after all.

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