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Chase Chrisley Does ‘OnlyFans’?

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Chase Chrisley was feeling his new p*rnstache this week so much so that he pondered if he should jump on OnlyFans. The reality TV prince was stretched out in his bed with his head resting on his pillow in a semi-dark room when he pondered if it was time to take his p*rnstache to the next level. Stroking his mustache with one finger sliding down each side of his upper lip, Chase admits he’s so into his new facial hair that he thinks jumping on OnlyFans is the next logical step for him to take.

Chase Chrisley & Nanny Faye's Space Mission [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]

Chase Chrisley would make BANK on OnlyFans

On Instagram, Chase Chrisley has a little over 1.3 million followers. If just 10 percent of his Instagram followers decided to subscribe to his OnlyFans account, Chase Chrisley could make some serious bank. Todd Chrisley’s son could charge as little as $15 a month for an OnlyFans subscription. And, he would stand to bank $1.95 million a month if just 10 percent of his Instagram followers subscribed.

Chase Chrisley's New Mustache [Chase Chrisley | Instagram Stories]
[Chase Chrisley | Instagram Stories]

How would his father feel about this business venture?

It is safe to assume if Chase Chrisley took the typical approach to OnlyFans which includes posting nude pictures and videos that his father Todd would NOT be happy. There, however, are a lot of people who have OnlyFans profiles without actually posting nude content. The idea behind the site is just to have an exclusive paywall where fans can pay to get past the paywall and see exclusive content. This content can be videos, photos, or just text. The content, however, doesn’t have to be nudes.

Was Chase Chrisley serious about OnlyFans?

It is hard to say for sure if Chase Chrisley was serious when he took to his Instagram Stories and said he wanted to do OnlyFans. Many fans of Chrisley Knows Best, however, refer to Chase as the playboy of the family and could certainly see him joining OnlyFans. Some fans of this reality TV family, however, wonder why his sister Savannah hasn’t considered signing up as she’s already so comfortable posting herself in barely-there bikinis on Instagram for free.

The real question is simple: Would you subscribe if Chase Chrisley decided to sign up for OnlyFans? Do you think his girlfriend Emmy Medders would support this business decision? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on the Chrisley family.

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  1. Nobody wants to see that gay ass idiot. He’s only doing that to help his gay ass dad pay for what he scammed people out of. You’re on a reality show you have Money you didn’t have to steal like you did todd. Thats not Christian like at all

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