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‘Inmate To Roommate’: A Prison Escapee & Religious Roommates

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A&E’s story Inmate to Roommate is growing quite popular with viewers. A recent episode followed William “Bill” Hawley who had quite the rap sheet to share with his new roommates. To make matters more complicated, his new roommates Mark and Sharna are Seventh-day Adventists.

Can the former car thief find a way to get along with his new religious housemates? Keep reading to see what happened.

Inmate to Roommate: Bill Hawley has a very checkered past

Bill Hawley once lived as a car and jewel thief. To make matters worse, he also escaped prison at one point. Starcasm reports that Bill had five years left to serve when he pretended to be sick while out on work detail. The supervisor let him take a short break under a bridge and that’s where Bill made his grand escape.

Bill Hawley and Sharna from Inmate To Roommate A&E
Inmate to Roommate/A&E

He got rid of his prison uniform and found a woman willing to give him a ride. Bill lied and said that his car was broken down and his partner was about to deliver a baby. The woman also gave him a meal. According to CBS News, the woman was a little uneasy once she realized who Bill Hawley actually was.

“She got a little weak in the knees when she realized what could have happened,” Sgt. John Silvas said. However, the woman also reported that Bill Hawley never made her feel afraid.

“He was very nice,” Silvas continued. “They talked about religion, family.”

From then on, Hawley managed to hide from the police for two weeks. They eventually recaptured him when he tried to rob a Sears with a crowbar. When authorities showed up, they also found a glass pipe with cocaine residue. Once they had his fingerprints, they realized who he really was. At this point, it wasn’t looking great for Hawley.

Can Bill Hawley get along with his new roommates?

Once Bill Hawley paid his debt to society, he was free to go. He made poor choices in the past but thinks he can turn his life around and get on a better path.

Needless to say, there is going to be a bit of an adjustment period for Bill and his new religious housemates. Bill’s episode is already out, so fans can tune in and see what happened for themselves.

Fans can keep up with new episodes of Inmate to Roommate Thursday nights at 10 PM eastern time on A&E. Tune in and see what kind of incredible stories happen next. There are plenty of pretty great true crime shows out there too.

Love stories like these? Check back for more on the latest reality TV pieces. There is no shortage of interesting stories out there to share. Stay tuned and see what’s coming to TV shortly.

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  1. Come on! This situation for Bill is going beyond frustration. She claims to have known Bill for 5 years prior to welcoming him into her home. I hope this is all about being on TV for them, because the decision to welcome anyone into your home has rules but these are totally ridiculous! Going beyond the no-meat rule the host family didn’t take into consideration, this is a grown man. Having been in prison 18 years and having meal restrictions, I can’t blame Bill for wanting bacon! Are they so afraid of meat products that he can’t even use your refrigerator. Old Testament Levitticus Law but we are now under Grace! IF you choose to be vegan’s then I’m sure this should have been discussed prior. The kiddie room decor and unicorn. Are you serious! There are thrift stores around that could have made this room / space better to make Bill feel welcome / comfortable. How did she meet Bill, friends for 5 years and not have any discussion prior to his release. Even the List of Rules and Violations are extreme. Counting toilet paper! I understand being a Christian and not wanting fornication coming into your spae but this couple is taking control of his life to extreme. They are not Bill’s parents. Did she have unrealistic expectations of her relationship with Bill.

  2. Bill Hawley is FOS!!! I have spent my life in law enforcement and as a pretrial psychiatric screening professional. Bill Hawley is sociopathic to the extreme. He is also a pathological liar who suffers from “King Baby” syndrome. He needs to inflate his importance to make up for his “short man” syndrome and insecurity about his “frumpy” looks. Bill will try to BS his way through life, but I will guarantee he will break the law again. He will use every enabling woman he can manipulate into paying for his extravagances and they will never get a cent in return (unless he steals it). Bill should have never been paroled with the extreme mental illness he suffers. It angers me that A&E exploits these people for profit. The individuals who brought these people into their homes have their own extreme baggage and are in no way qualified to be in such a delicate life-affecting situation. One is a closet homosexual, two are in a “cult” religion, brainwashed in extremely illogical lifestyles completely contradictory to that of a “lifer”; two are extremely naive as to how it will affect their relationship, one is a closet bisexual, and one is looking to be a MILF because her life is so lonely.

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