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‘Below Deck’: Zero Privacy In Confined Spaces

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Below Deck has zero privacy on board in confined spaces. There are cameras everywhere, as expected with the reality series. Jessica More, who appeared on Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean, shared that there are always cameras rolling.

It’s hard for the crew members to get privacy. This makes it difficult for them to talk about the charter guests or to each other. It prevents the crew members from hooking up in between work.

The cameras and microphones allow viewers to see and hear everything that’s going on. Read on to learn more about the secrets behind Below Deck.

Hannah Ferrier On Below Deck Med [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Hannah Ferrier broke the fourth wall

The production crew can’t communicate with the crew members — and vice versa. Hannah Ferrier was the first to break the fourth wall on the show. She joked with production and made them crack a smile. Yet, the crew members are business most of the time.

“On Below Deck, they’re very, very, very strict with the fourth wall. So even for myself, I’ve filmed five seasons of it, the camera crew, audio and everything like that, they won’t interact,” Hannah told In Touch. “They won’t say hello to me. They won’t.”

Jessica More On Below Deck Med Season 5 Reunion [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
Even though they can’t interact with the crew members, they still treat them as well as the primary charter guest. Hannah says she considers production as their guests.

The crew members ensure that they get everything they need. This allows for a comfortable filming experience for everyone aboard.

Hannah also shared a lot during her time on Below Deck. She told fans on her Instagram Story that she learned how to chill “super quickly.”

Jess shared that the camera crew is hiding along the walls. Sometimes they’ll get creative and prop the cameras in small, confined spaces.

Below Deck crew members have little breaks

The crew members admitted that they have very few breaks. That’s because the charters can last for several days at a time. Although they take breaks — it’s few and far in between. The crew is supposed to get an “hour or two [hour] break.”

Sometimes they’re “lucky enough” to take a nap during that time. Most of the time, the crew has to run on “adrenaline” since they’re out of energy. Also, since production and the crew are working together, it can make for tight quarters.

“It definitely makes it more difficult in terms of space,” Hannah said. “If you think about other Bravo shows, they film in a massive mansion or big restaurants or on the beach. And we’re in these tiny confined spaces. And they have very big equipment. So it makes it difficult like that.”

What are your thoughts on the crew dealing with cameras everywhere in close quarters? What are your thoughts on the Below Deck franchise? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck is currently on a hiatus. New episodes of Below Deck Med Season 7 air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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