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The New Meri Brown Comes Out Fighting, See Intense Photo

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Meri Brown went fist first into a new activity as she embraced fighting with herself. The TLC star shared a lengthy post and what fans considered to be a “bomb photo” as she experienced something new.

According to her caption, this was the Sister Wives star’s first time boxing. Meri Brown admitted she wasn’t the strongest or the most experienced in the room. Moreover, she really didn’t know what she was doing when she first put on her boxing gloves and approached the punching bag. None of these things, however, deterred Meri Brown from wanting to try something new.

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Sister Wives: Meri Brown does boxing

The TLC star admitted she had heard a lot of different ideas about the right way to start boxing. For example, she had a lot of people tell her it was therapeutic to picture someone’s face while striking the punching bag.  So, she asked her friend if she was supposed to envision someone she was supposed to be punching when she looked at the bag.

Her friend, however, told her that was not right. Meri Brown’s friend explained that she should be fighting for herself and her problems when she’s striking the punching bag. Instantly, Meri felt a charge through her body. That was something she would have no problem doing.

I have dreams and plans and goals, and people who have my back, who support and motivate, who handle big things with and for me. I have inner strength and tenacity and confidence to do all the things. I’m open to next steps, next open doors, next massive success. I am limitless!”

Meri Brown’s post was attached to a photo of herself pulling one arm back while launching her other fist at the punching back. She had an immense amount of concentration on her face as she focused on the punching bag.

Meri Brown - Instagram
Meri Brown – Instagram

Sister Wives fans react to the post

Meri Brown concluded her post by asking her followers what they were currently fighting for. What was driving them? A little over 4,000 of her followers liked the photo. And, here’s what some of them had to say in the comments:

  • “Man who took this bomb picture?”
  • “Strong woman!”
  • “You say all the right things Meri, but are you actually living that way? It kind of seems like (from the outside looking in at least), rather than fight for yourself and what you truly deserve, you just take whatever scraps you are given.”
  • “I love your attitude and yes, I fight for myself too. My life isn’t a competition with anyone else. I want everyone to find their joy.”

Many fans admitted Meri Brown was an inspiration. And, they hoped she would continue living her very best life. A few fans, however, hoped this was really her life and she wasn’t just putting on a show for social media.

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