‘The Conners’ Core Cast Member Forced To Exit Ahead Of Season 5?

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A core cast member will NOT be returning for Season 5 of The Conners. Being a core cast member and an OG from the sitcom Roseannefans assume the cast member made the decision to walk away. A recent statement from this OG cast member, however, tells a different story. Turns out, this core cast member was FORCED out. Which cast member won’t be returning for Season 5 of The Conners? Keep reading for the details.

The Conners core cast member FORCED out

Season 5 of The Conners is happening. And, it is happening soon. Sadly, one of the OG cast members from the Roseanne sitcom, will NOT be returning. According to People Magazine, Michael Fishman will not be returning to play DJ Conner for Season 5 of the series. The actor made it a point to mention during his official statement on his exit that leaving the show was NOT his decision. He explained that he was told by the higher-ups that he would not be returning for the new season.

Michael Fishman took the time to issue a lengthy statement appreciating his time playing DJ Conner. Fans appreciated his classy statement even though they assume he wasn’t happy about not getting to return.

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He stated: “It has been my honor to play DJ Conner. It’s every actor’s dream to be a series regular, especially on a groundbreaking show, where we tackle significant topics. The opportunity to do comedy and drama alongside iconic castmates, while reaching fans in meaningful ways has profoundly impacted my life.”

I am proud of the work I did as part of Roseanne and The Conners. Especially the privilege of playing a military veteran, interracial spouse, and the father of a biracial child, portrayed by the amazing Jayden Rey.”

He will miss the show, but he’s not done acting

The Conners’ former core cast member admits that he will “wholeheartedly miss” participating in filming episodes of the sitcom every Saturday. He, however, adds that he’s far from done bringing characters to life via his acting career.

Michael Fishman added that he was eternally grateful for all of the love and support he’s received from fans of the show over the years.

The Conners - Instagram
The Conners – Instagram

He concluded: “While I was told I would not be returning for Season 5, Lanford was a valuable place to grow up, learn and develop. I was incredibly lucky to return home and demonstrate my expansion. As I venture into the world to build the future, I send tremendous love and success to everyone involved in production.”

How The Conners fans feel about this?

The real question is simple: How do fans of The Conners feel about Michael Fishman not returning to play DJ Conner for Season 5? In response to the news, fans of the sitcom expressed their thoughts on Twitter. One fan jokingly noted that DJ Conner only ever has a few lines per episode and doesn’t even appear in some episodes. So, they questioned why the actor really needed to be booted.

Another fan chimed in: “They never did anything with his character especially once they wrote out the wife. It’s the Becky and Darlene show.”

The Conners - Instagram
The Conners – Instagram

Overall, fans are largely still bitter that the matriarch of the family was written off. Fans can’t help but wonder what explanation they will have for writing DJ Conner out of the show. Other fans of The Conners chimed in to point out that the show has become entirely about Darlene and Becky, so this cast member exit wasn’t too surprising.

What do you think about this casting decision?

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