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Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos Are Lifetime Movie EPs: Details

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Celebrity couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are executive producing two movies for Lifetime. These movies include Jenna Dewan’s Let’s Get Physical, and Lea Thompson, Zach Gilford, and Alicia Witt in The Disappearance Of Cari Farver.

What do we know about these upcoming Ripped From The Headlines movies?

Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos Are EPs Of Two Lifetime Movies

All My Children alums, Kelly Ripa, and Mark Consuelos are the executive producers of two upcoming Ripped From The Headlines movies.

According to the Lifetime press release, Ripa and Consuelos had previously announced a partnership with the network. Now, we know what the couple is executive producing under they Milojo Productions.

The first movie, The Disappearance of Cari Farver stars Zach Gilford (Good Girls, Friday Night Lights), Rebecca Amzallag (Love Triangle Nightmare, The Glorification Of The Antihero), Alicia Witt (The Walking Dead, Christmas Tree Lane), Lea Thompson (Back To The Future, Next Stop, Christmas).

The second movie is Let’s Get Physical. Jenna Dewan (The Rookie, Step Up) stars, and is also an executive producer via her Everheart Productions.

In addition, Kelly and Mark’s son, Michael Consuelos (Riverdale, Duck Dodgers) also stars in this movie, as well as Jennifer Irwin (The Goldbergs, iZombie), and Bradley Stryker (Devil In Ohio, Animal Kingdom).

Lea Thompson, Alicia Witt, used with Lifetime's permission
Lea Thompson, Alicia Witt, used with Lifetime’s permission

What Is Lifetime’s The Disappearance Of Cari Farver About? 

Dave Kroupa (Gilford) is shocked when his new girlfriend, Cari Farver (Amzallag), starts sending him demanding texts. When Dave ends the relationship, he finds himself on the receiving end of an onslaught of twisted messages from Cari, who has abruptly disappeared. Dave’s ex-girlfriend, Liz (Witt), also begins receiving harassing texts from Cari, resulting in a dangerous situation for them both.

Meanwhile, Cari’s mother Nancy (Thompson) continually searches for her, keeping the pressure on the police who eventually uncover a shocking discovery.

The Disappearance of Cari Farver premieres on Saturday, October 8 at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime. This movie is based on Leslie Rule’s bestselling true-crime book, A Tangled Web.

Michael Consuelos, Jennifer Irwin, used with Lifetime's permission
Michael Consuelos, Jennifer Irwin, used with Lifetime’s permission

Let’s Get Physical Stars Jenna Dewan

Let’s Get Physical is the story of fitness instructor Sadie (Dewan) who by day, taught fitness and dance to soccer moms, but by night led a double life running a sophisticated prostitution ring with a customer list that included very prominent men in the community.

After an anonymous tip, authorities raided her studio, leading to Sadie’s indictment and igniting a firestorm in the small town leading everyone to ask, who exactly was on the client list.

Let’s Get Physical premieres on Saturday, October 8, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

Jenna Dewan used with Lifetime permission
Jenna Dewan used with Lifetime permission

Are Ripped From The Headlines Movies Based On True Stories?

Finally, Lifetime’s Ripped From The Headlines movies, such as the two executive produced by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, are based on true stories. Will you be watching them?

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