‘General Hospital’ Cameron Mathison Gives 2022 Cancer Update

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During a guest appearance on Good Morning America, General Hospital star Cameron Mathison shared an update on his battle with cancer. As GH fans will recall, it’s been three years since the soap star was diagnosed with cancer. So, fans of Cameron were relieved to get a 2022 update on his cancer and where he’s at now with his health.

General Hospital: Cameron Mathison updates on cancer battle

The 53-year-old General Hospital star was a guest during Wednesday’s episode of Good Morning America. During his appearance, he gave viewers an update on his battle with cancer. His update included how he’s been feeling. He also included details on some recent health scan results.

According to The Sun, Cameron was NOT the only member of the GH cast that made an appearance on the show. His co-star Laura Wright was with him. While Laura and Cameron made an appearance on the show to talk about General Hospital, George Stephanopoulos kicked the conversation off by switching gears. First, he wanted to know how things were going with Cameron Mathison’s cancer battle.

drew cain general hospital cameron mathison
drew cain general hospital cameron mathison

George asked: “You’re looking great. We all remember back in 2019, you had that cancer scare. How are you feeling?”

Cameron reassured the GMA anchor that he was feeling great. It, however, was a very difficult time of the year for him. “I’m feeling fantastic. I actually just got my– this is the scary time of year when you get your annual scans and X-rays and everything,” he explained.

While the soap star admitted waiting for the results was terrifying, GH fans had nothing to worry about. Cameron revealed he JUST got his test results back and everything looked good. “And I literally just found out that, all clear. All clear, three years down.”

Concluding the conversation about his cancer update, Cameron Mathison thanked the GMA anchor for asking about his health.

Credit: Maurice Benard: State of Mind YouTube
Credit: Maurice Benard: State of Mind YouTube

What kind of cancer did he have?

As those who follow the soap star know, Cameron Mathison took to his Instagram back in 2019 to share the sad news. He revealed that he had been diagnosed with kidney cancer.

“About a month ago, I had an MRI for some gut issues I’ve been having, and during that MRI they found a tumor on my right kidney. It’s consistent with Renal Cell Carcinoma … or kidney cancer.”

Thankfully, the GH star appears to be thriving and doing well after his cancer scare three years ago.

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