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‘My 600-Lb. Life’: What Is Cynthia Wells Up To In 2022?

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Whatever happened to Cynthia Wells? She appeared in Season 5 of My 600-Lb. Life and managed to get under 500 lbs. But where is she now?

Plenty of My 600-Lb. Life fans wonder what happened to certain guests after leaving the show. Many go on to experience health and success with the program. However, several slide back into their old habits and just can’t lose the weight.

It’s been quite some time since fans last saw Cynthia Wells on television. So how is the TLC personality doing after leaving the show? Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Cynthia Wells was determined to overcome challenges and improve her health

When My 600-Lb. Life fans first met Cynthia in Season 5, she wasn’t in the best shape. As a single mother to five children, she just didn’t have time to focus on her own health and wellness. Cynthia began to realize that her weight and health issues were costing her precious time with her children. Over time, she struggled to perform even basic day-to-day tasks. It became apparent that Cynthia needed to make a change. That’s when she sought out Dr. Now’s help.

According to Looper, Cynthia continued to make excellent progress after her time on the show was over. The publication reports she’s now in the mid-300-lb. range.

Cynthia Wells’ Facebook posts reveal that she is alive and well today. She’s pretty active online and even writes many public posts. Her photos reveal that she’s passionate about many social justice causes, including Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ rights. Cynthia’s publically available information states that she lives in Oklahoma City and works as a teacher.

Cynthia Wells from Facebook
Cynthia Wells/Facebook

Fans that opt to browse through Cynthia’s photos can clearly see she’s in a much better position than she was during her time on My 600-Lb. Life. There are several photos where she’s beaming from ear to ear and enjoying time with loved ones.

Cynthia Wells from Facebook
Cynthia Wells/Facebook

It seems as if Cynthia Wells lives a relatively quiet life these days, so that’s the only information available at the moment. However, there may be more updates to share in the future.

When will My 600-Lb. Life return to TLC?

My 600-Lb. Life fans love hearing the latest updates on former patients. But they really want new information about the show’s future. Although TLC hasn’t officially released a date for Season 11, Dr. Now teased that there would be new content coming soon.

Based on past season premiere dates, many fans speculate that TLC will put out new episodes late into the fall. By November, viewers will probably know more about the show’s future.

Stay tuned for the latest information on My 600-Lb. Life and former participants. Check back for the latest news and updates with the patients.

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