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‘Young & Pregnant’ Star QUITS After Joining ‘OnlyFans’

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A member of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant cast made the decision to quit within a week of joining OnlyFans. While reports of her decision to walk away from what she claims to be a toxic and unhealthy situation claim to be unrelated to joining OnlyFans, viewers can’t help but notice the timing of these two separate situations. Which young mother decided she was DONE being part of the Young & Pregnant cast? And, what do we know about her joining OnlyFans? Keep reading for the details.

Rachel Beaver Young and Pregnant Youtube

Young & Pregnant star QUITS after joining OnlyFans 

Just shy of a week ago, Rachel Beaver took to her Instagram Stories to reveal the shocking decision to create an account on OnlyFans. While the young mother was legally old enough to be part of the platform, her young age still made viewers uncomfortable. Many Teen Mom fans were quick to point out that Rachel wasn’t even old enough to legally purchase alcohol, but she could sell her body on OnlyFans for some quick cash.

Across Reddit and other social media platforms, many fans of Young & Pregnant admit they were NOT shocked by her decision to join OnlyFans. Turns out, many fans expected her to sign up as soon as she was legally old enough to do so. Fans pointed out that OnlyFans just seemed like the kind of thing Rachel (along with her sister Mallory) would do for some easy money.

What has really thrown fans for a loop, however, is the fact that Rachel Beaver has now made another announcement. After being part of the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant cast for two seasons, Rachel has decided to walk away. She quit. She’s done.

Naturally, fans have one big question: Why did she quit? Are these two announcements connected?

Why did Rachel Beaver decide to quit?

Rachel Beaver and her co-star Kayla Sessler got into a heated feud last night that continued for HOURS. HollywoodLife as well as a Teen Mom Instagram page documented the feud. After getting an overwhelming amount of backlash from fans and being unfollowed by several cast members, Rachel decided she had enough. Rachel Beaver issued an official statement noting that her mental health was far more important.

I appreciate the opportunity I have been given. It was fun while it lasted. With that being said, I will be going live more often after this season is over and making a new YouTube channel to vlog my real authentic life. Thank you for all the support I’ve received while doing the show, I’m forever grateful.”

As fans know, Rachel has been a member of the cast since 2019. Rachel promises that once the current season ends she’ll create a YouTube channel and go live on Instagram more to show people who she really is and not who she is portrayed as on Instagram.

Rachel Beaver Instagram
[Credit: Rachel Beaver/Instagram]
Young & Pregnant fans have noted Rachel Beaver is giving serious Jenelle Evans vibes. Other fans pointed out this isn’t the first time Rachel has claimed she was quitting the show. Moreover, many fans question of she’ll really leave the show as they believe she needs the paycheck MTV gives her.

What do you make of her joining OnlyFans and quitting MTV? Let us know in the comments.


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