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Tori Roloff Dropped Late Night Josiah Photo Dump, Why?

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Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World admits she “nearly missed” her four-month update on how Josiah was developing. “I had about 2 minutes and 6 photos to choose from before Si decided it was bedtime,” Tori jested as she explained why she popped on Instagram so late at night.

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Tori Roloff shares a four-month update on Josiah

Hard as it might be to believe, it has been four months since Tori Roloff gave birth to her son, Josiah. Thus far, Tori has been pretty consistent about giving fans monthly updates on how he’s doing and his development. Knowing that he is a little person like his brother, sister, and father, fans have understandable concern for his development and hitting his milestones. With the series currently in an off-season, fans appreciate Tori being so consistent with her updates.

Josiah Roloff - 4 month - Insta

Zach Roloff’s wife tells her followers that Josiah is growing just as he should be. She jests that this little one never misses out on meal time. She was also happy to report that Josiah was starting to get mobile as he really liked rolling around. Tori Roloff jokes that her son Josiah is a very expressive little guy. She clarifies he’s “very happy” until he reaches the point where he’s not. Josiah Roloff is completely obsessed with his big brother and sister.

“He loves to be talked to and smiled at all day long!” She continued. Tori Roloff concluded her update by noting that it was fairly obvious Josiah was obsessed with putting his hands in his mouth. She suspected he might be teething. Finally, she wrapped things up by gushing about how much she loved the little dude.

Josiah Roloff - 4 month - Insta

LPBW fans react

Amy Roloff popped into the comments admitting she was a bit surprised to realize it had already been four months since Josiah was born. Other fans chimed in to agree that time really does seem to fly. Most fans kept their comments simple and gushed about how precious Josiah and all of Tori and Zach’s children were.

Do you appreciate Tori Roloff taking the time to post these milestone updates on how Josiah is developing? Can you believe he’s already four months old? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on LPBW.

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