‘Today’ Kathie Lee Gifford Breaks Silence, Says Glad She’s Gone

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Kathie Lee Gifford has broken her silence after making the decision to resign as host of the daytime talk show Today. What did the former talk show host have to say? How is she doing since she made the decision to walk away? Fortunately, she spoke with People Magazine and gave a bit of an update on how her life was going.

Former Today host Kathie Lee Gifford breaks her silence

As viewers of The Today Show know, Kathie Lee Gifford’s world was turned upside down when her husband passed away. She made the decision it was time for a change and she quit her position as one of the anchors at The Today Show. At the time, most assumed Kathie was retiring. Contrary to what many thought, Kathie Lee Gifford believes she was simply closing one chapter of her life and opening another. At the time, she felt the more “creative years” of her life were just kicking off.

Kathie Lee Gifford - Instagram
Kathie Lee Gifford – Instagram

At 69, the former talk show host has spent the last three years of her life living in Nashville. The former Today anchor admits she’s enjoyed not being in the spotlight and being able to live a more kick-backed and private life. A few years ago, when she was still a talk show host, she really wasn’t able to do anything without the whole world knowing about it.

For the first time after longing to be back in California for 45 years or whatever it was, I just thought, ‘I don’t want to be there. I’m going to Tennessee. I have a whole community of people here that share my faith. It’s been good for my soul, let me tell you.”

Kathie Lee Gifford tells People Magazine she’s proud to call Nashville her home as she’s found a community of like-minded individuals that share in her beliefs. She proceeded to describe the place she’s called home for the past three years as “good for my soul.”

Does she have any additional plans?

Getting away from New York (especially the traffic and the pace at which people moved), Kathie realized she was far from done living her life. The former talk show host has had time to slow down. She’s switched gears and is now focusing on both writing and directing.

Kathie Lee Gifford concluded by telling the outlet the biggest reason she loves Nashville is because she’s allowed to be a person instead of a celebrity. She gets to live a private life as a regular person and it has made her truly at peace.

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