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Rumors Swirl This ‘Bachelor’ Alum Could Be Joining ‘DWTS’ Season 31

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It seems to have been confirmed that just as in past seasons a member of Bachelor Nation will be joining Season 31 of DWTS. Rumors are soaring about which man or woman will be hitting the dance floor. Keep reading to find out what is known so far.

Bachelor Nation alum joining DWTS

There seem to be two huge possibilities of who from Bachelor Nation will be joining Season 31 of DWTS. ZacharyReality on Instagram has shared his thoughts on the topic. However, since his post new information has been pouring out.

ZacharyReality revealed that he was 80% sure the rumored Bachelor alum is Colton Underwood. He believed this based on a photo floating around and also from sources he has within the show. A person on the inside asked him who the gay Bachelor is.

A man in a suit
Colton Underwood/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

However, there are other sources who seem to be spot on frequently that say the mystery man in the photo is not Colton. In fact, they say it is someone older than Colton and thinks he will bring some fun to the show.

So, who is the mystery dancer from Bachelor Nation?

DWTS Colton Sighting 1 via INstagram

Another theory on the Bachelor Nation dancer

Now, there are also other theories popping up and much more convincing photos indicating that the mystery dancer could be Bachelorette Gabby Windey.

Sleuthing fans have made a pretty solid case that a photo of a woman entering rehearsals could very well be Gabby. Fans have pointed out that her earrings and nails both match Gabby’s. They also pointed out that her sweatshirt looks shockingly similar to one that one of her men wore during the season.

DWTS gabby hints 3 via Instagram

Plus, while many have tried to debunk the theory by saying that it is Charli D’Amelio in the photo, another interesting comment indicates it could also be Gabby.

Dance Dish Media shared an interesting comment by Kristyn Burtt. It said, “As some of you have seen, here are two women who look very much alike. Charli D’Amelio and her Millennial counterpart… and both dance-trained. I’ve pulled Val from Charli’s confirmed partner because now two of my three sources are sorting out who has Charli and who has the other contestant (honestly, both are great options). I have the name, but another outlet has the exclusive on breaking the news (so I always choose to honor that).”


She also commented on the Colton theory. She said, “As for Peta’s partner, that is not Colton Underwood. The contestant is older than Colton and someone who I think is going to be a lot of fun for her to work with.”

What do you think? Stay tuned for more updates.

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