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‘RHOBH’ Season 12 Episode 16 Delayed, Why?

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RHOBH fans are wondering when the show will return from its hiatus. The highly-anticipated Season 12 Episode 16 “Altitude Adjustment” will air soon. It was initially scheduled to air on Wednesday, August 24. Instead, the network aired a marathon of The Real Housewives of Dubai in its place.

This move came on the same day that Garcelle Beauvais’ 14-year-old son Jax received racist comments on Instagram. She received an outpouring of support from fans and her fellow co-stars. Yet, some fans think Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, and newbie Diana Jenkins are behind the messages.

They think the reality stars created the comments by buying bot accounts. They’ve also called for Bravo to launch an investigation into the matter. For now, read on to learn when RHOBH Season 12 Episode 16 will air.

RHOBH Ladies Fly Private [YouTube]

Why did RHOBH go on hiatus?

Things are going crazy behind the scenes at Bravo. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Lisa Rinna sent out a vulgar statement on her Instagram Story. This comes amid the rumors that she could lose her diamond after this season. Rinna scrubbed RHOBH from her social media accounts as she wants to focus on “fashion” and “fun.”

She claims that Bravo didn’t do anything to help Jax. So, she wanted to remove all Bravo-related material from her Instagram page. Things are so tense among the cast, that some have to wonder if this is the last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s also possible that the cast could get its own shakeup a la The Real Housewives of New York.

RHOBH Cast Play Ouija Board [YouTube]
Fans have been going after Rinna, Erika Jayne, Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards, and Diana on social media for their behavior this season. While new episodes of RHOBH typically air on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo, that wasn’t the case last week. The decision was made last minute after Garcelle’s son received racist messages. An old episode of RHODubai aired instead of Season 12 Episode 16.

When will Season 12 Episode 16 air?

After a week-long haitus, RHOBH will return with Season 12 Episode 16 on Wednesday, August 31. Kyle Richards whisks the girls away for a trip to Aspen. This is the episode that fans have been waiting for because this is when the drama really hits the fan. Based on the upcoming preview released by Bravo, situations will get intense and friendships will fall apart.

Both Erika and Rinna claim that Kathy Hilton’s behavior was appalling during the trip. They both accused her of saying something offensive. The trip will also show the ladies conjuring spirits with an Ouija board. Rinna hopes to connect with her late mom, Lois.

RHOBH Ladies Have Drama [YouTube]
The episode will also feature a showdown between Garcelle and Erika. RHOBH fans will finally find out what happened between them. On the flip side, the actress seems to be on good terms with Diana. What are your thoughts on RHOBH this season? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on RHOBH.

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  1. Regarding the RH of BH they have been ridiculous this season. Why we need to listen to anything Erika has to say is beyond me. Any woman who thinks it is ok to drink with prescription drugs is moronic. Then think her outrageous behavior toward a minor was an excuse for it. No. No. No. The same for Rinna using her mother’s death as an excuse for her bad behavior. No. No. No. They all need to take a breath and look inward instead of at everyone else. BTW, we now know why Crystal had the bad reaction when she was walked in on while naked since she has an eating disorder and body issues. She needed to own that too at the time instead of waiting and slamming her co-cast member. I am over it all including everyone coming out on top over LVP. Her good outweighs the minuscule mountain that was made of it. Stop Sh*t disturbing! Cathy has a lot of class, be more like her!

  2. I think they should’ve gotten rid of Rinna and Erika for some time now. They are caustic to the group now. Lisa has let this 15 minutes of fame get to her head. She needs to go. Erika as well she’s a fraud and a schemer like her husband. Kyle is heading down the same path because she thinks she’s hot stuff now and being a witch!

    1. Rinna and Erica need to go so does Dianna even Kyle … Bring back Lisa Vander pump and Dennis Richard..and make Kathy a main character… You can tell Dianna and Erica have race issue…

  3. Lisa R, Dianna, and Erica Jayne all need to go! Kyle is also a big problem! I’m sick of all 4 of these! Get them off my TV or I may never watch Bravo again! They go way too far and cause way too much trouble. With today’s bullying in the public school, these 4 are reall true bullies and live stirring up drama! I’m over all this!!! Come on Andy! I love you and your shows but these have gone way too far!!!!

  4. I agree with both of you, and I thought I was the only one who finds Rinna and Erica disgusting. I also no longer like Diana, she’s petty. I have watched every single episode all of these years but I think I’ve reached the end!

  5. I began watching because of knowing some of the ladies from shows I use to watch. A little catty attitude is okay, BUT these folks go apeshit crazy!! If having fame n money means you have to be a super bitch no thanks!!

  6. I’ve been watching the Housewives franchises since the beginning and lately have been appalled at how low Bravo has dipped in keeping certain housewives on. On RHOBH, Erica, Rinn, Diana, for sure should be fired. On RHONJ it’s Teresa Guidice that should be fired, and Marlo of RHOA needs to go and she needs some professional help. She has zero boundaries with that vile mouth of hers. All of these women, their 15 min of fame went to their heads and they have shown us they are toxic. No young or impressionable women should be emulating these thirsty, cold hearted vamps. Fun is fun but these women have all gone too, too far and I for one am growing weary of their bitterness and their obvious sense of entitlement. Garcelle, love you. Thank you for being a positive voice of reason. Oh and Kyle, always loved you but Mauricio and you both are dancing around quicksand. Back off. You are looking bad. Bravo, we love drama and fun but this crap has gone into some serious negativity. Time to issue some permanent pink slips ir your audiences will begin to issue Bravo one.

  7. It’s embarrassing as a woman to see how some of these women act. Many of them are offering nothing to this world and are extremely bratty. And the only way we would even know who they are was from this show.

  8. I just commented that Lisa, Erika, Kyle, Dianna and Dorit are ALL MEAN because Sutton is so N I C E.

    They take EVERY opportunity to BLURR AND CONFUSE poor Sutton in everything that she is trying to convey. They put words and thoughts that are not there in her mouth and leave her looking like – or attempt to make her feel and look bad and foolish!!! Only UGLY MEAN HIGHSCHOOL GIRLS do that!!!

    Where is this? Beverly Hillbillies. . .ooops I mean Hills?

  9. Google Robert Downy jr and Dianna’s name if you want to know how god awful Dianna is and yet another reason she needs to go! It was ALLEGED!!!

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