Isabel Roloff Makes Controversial Move With Baby Mateo

LPBW Isabel Roloff - Mateo - Instagram

Isabel Roloff took to Instagram to reflect on a controversial decision she made as she enjoyed what she considered to be an exciting first with her son, Mateo. Turns out, Isabel decided she wanted to go to a concert over the weekend.

Actively breastfeeding her eight-month-old son, Isabel admits leaving him home while going to the concert wasn’t an option. She later clarified she realizes she could have left him home if she wanted to. She, however, explained that she just didn’t want to leave him home. So, she decided to wear her son and get a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones so she could take him alone.

lpbw isabel roloff youtube
lpbw isabel roloff youtube

Isabel Roloff reflected on the experience

Jacob Roloff’s wife admitted she wasn’t really sure what to expect taking Mateo to a concert. She assumed people would judge her and question her parenting choices. She, however, was pleasantly surprised by how nice everyone was. According to Isabel, people were very respectful of the fact that she had a baby. During the concert, she had lots of kind strangers that offered to help carry things for her and move out of the way. She explained that people saw Mateo and felt an overwhelming urge to help her with various things.

Isabel Roloff even managed to run into a friend while she was at the concert. So, she was able to get her friend to hold Mateo for her so she could go to the bathroom.

Overall, Isabel Roloff rated the experience a “10/10.” She jokingly admitted that her son Mateo did manage to sleep through most of the concert. So, he wasn’t too much of a handful and she was able to have a great time despite bringing him along.

Isabel Roloff - LPBW
Isabel Roloff – Instagram

She also flew solo going out to eat

Taking Mateo wasn’t her only victory over the weekend. Isabel admits she also took him with her while she went out to eat. Isabel Roloff explained she was seated quickly and she assumed it was because she had a baby.

Isabel Roloff - Instagram
Isabel Roloff – Instagram

She noted that Mateo was a “real champion” during the entire eating experience. Isabel Roloff jested that he was “the only baby for miles” so everyone was really nice and completely obsessed with him. Overall, she felt like she was really living life to the fullest. She was impressed with her ability to get out and do things by herself with a baby wrapped in her arms.

How do you feel about Isabel Roloff taking Mateo to a concert before he’s even a year old? Do you think she put him in danger? Let us know in the comments down below.

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